Monday, January 07, 2008

Proposal: High Noon

reached a quorum, final vote 9-0—Yoda

Adminned at 08 Jan 2008 16:04:52 UTC

Part 1:
Add a new dynastic rule, called “Health”, as follows:

Each Player has a Health statistic, tracked in the GNDT.  The permitted values are “Healthy” and “Wounded” (which may be abbreviated for all purposes, including the GNDT, as H and W, respectively).  All Players initially have the Health status of Healthy.  If a Player becomes Wounded, he automatically becomes Unseated, and no Player who is Unseated may become Seated if he is not Healthy.

Part 2: Add a new dynastic rule, called “Gunslinging”, as follows:

Each Player has Quick Draw statistic (which term may be abbreviated as “QD”), which is an integer determined as follows: (DICEROLL minus the number of Drinks that the Player has drunk within the past 48 hours).  DICEROLL is DICE5, and is rolled exactly once the first time that the Player participates in a Shootout (which means that the Quick Draw statistic of a given Player cannot be determined until the Player is about to participate in his first Shootout, but the base value of his Quick Draw would then become fixed).  Each Player’s QD is tracked in the GNDT as “-” until it is determined in accordance with the previous sentence, and as the appropriate integer afterwards.

As a Weekly action, any Player may challenge any other Player to a Shootout by making a post to the main blog to that effect.  Upon making the challenge, the Shootout occurs.  A Shootout proceeds as follows:  The Quick Draw statistics of both Players participating in the Shootout are determined (which may include rolling their DICEROLL if that value has not been previously determined in connection with an earlier Shootout).  The Player with the higher Quick Draw then acts first by rolling DICE2: if the result of the roll is 1 then the other Player becomes Wounded and the Shootout ends.  If the result of the roll is 2 then the other Player rolls DICE2, whereupon if the result of the roll is 1 then the first Player becomes Wounded and the Shootout ends, but if the result of the roll is 2 then the Shootout ends without either Player becoming Wounded.


Darknight: he/him

07-01-2008 20:30:33 UTC

for hey, its the west afterall


07-01-2008 21:15:23 UTC

for sounds good


07-01-2008 23:20:32 UTC

for We need a doctor in town, though.


08-01-2008 00:12:34 UTC

Also, can you challenge a Wounded Player to a Shootout?  If so, what happens if the Wounded Player loses again?

Amnistar: he/him

08-01-2008 00:58:51 UTC



08-01-2008 01:31:50 UTC



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08-01-2008 03:08:26 UTC


A hundred forty one could fire faster than he, Irving was looking for one forty three.


08-01-2008 23:43:31 UTC