Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Proposal: [Hint] Show me a map to the stars

Passes with lots of FOR votes (and the Cleanup too)—arth

Adminned at 22 Jan 2009 17:57:42 UTC

In sub-rule “The Highway” change sentence “Members that own a Vehicle may use this Road to, as a daily action, switch their Stations to any other valid value, without the need for Translocation.” for “Members that own a Vehicle may use this Road to, as a daily action, switch their Stations to any other Station adjacent to it on the Solar Map, without the need for Translocation.”

Create a new sub-rule “Solar Map” under rule “Cosmology”:

There exists a wiki document known as “Solar Map” which lists the possible routes between two stations. Two Stations are considered Adjacent in the Solar Map if one of them appears right before the other one. As a weekly action, a Member of the Staff may add a Station to the Solar Maps. A Station may be added even if it already appears in the Solar Map, as long as this doesn’t cause a Station to be Adjacent to itself.

Erase all the contents of the Solar Map wiki document.

Next, some spring cleaning of the ruleset, just to make it more readable (and satisfy my obsessive-compulsive disorder)

If more than half of all comments containing counted votes also contain the text “Cleanup”, then:

Make rule “Synonyms” a sub-rule to rule “Theme”.
Make rule “Fuel” a sub-rule to rule “Vehicles”.
Change the name of rule “We Will All Fry Together When We Fry” to “Countdown” and append the sentence “This rule is always the last Dynastic Rule in the Ruleset” to it.

If you think this proposal could be a little hard to enact, don’t worry: I’ll do it myself if it passes.




01-21-2009 06:54:24 UTC

You had better be the one making that map…  for


01-21-2009 06:59:51 UTC

for I don’t want the Tom Lehrer joke lost, though


01-21-2009 07:04:38 UTC

for Cleanup :( I’m really compulsive when it comes to symmetry and all that stuff.


01-21-2009 07:05:46 UTC

If people want me to edit the Solar Map more often (or propose a mechanic to edit it more often) make a proposal to add that functionality.

The Cube:

01-21-2009 07:56:25 UTC

for Cleanup.


01-21-2009 08:39:52 UTC

Cleanup for On aisle 7. Srry Rod.


01-21-2009 09:38:24 UTC

for Cleanup.


01-21-2009 10:46:04 UTC

for Cleanup


01-21-2009 11:23:14 UTC

for Cleanup


01-21-2009 12:44:15 UTC

for Cleanup.  The time bomb also needs something for hiatuses.


01-21-2009 15:19:28 UTC

for Cleanup.  Yoda, no need, the entire game freezes during a hiatus.  No one can decrease the timer.


01-21-2009 15:20:32 UTC



01-21-2009 16:11:17 UTC

for Cleanup


01-21-2009 17:21:04 UTC

for Cleanup

Wooden Squid:

01-21-2009 17:26:16 UTC

for cleanup


01-21-2009 20:42:10 UTC

for  Cleanup


01-21-2009 21:59:53 UTC

for But I’ll miss the Tom Lehrer.


01-22-2009 01:03:06 UTC

for Cleanup, if only to make Arthexis mildly uncomfortable with work.


01-22-2009 07:38:36 UTC

Don’t enact things out of queue, Arth.


01-22-2009 17:26:22 UTC

I enacted it out of queue? Sorry, I was a bit sleepy and maybe my eyes betrayed me.


01-23-2009 00:53:09 UTC

Someone enact this please.