Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Ascension Address: History Repeats Itself . . . Forever

The Wizard’s Rule over the land gradually faded as they had reached a balance. It was said some still lived on after cutting off their mortal ties and earthly attachments to the world. Some were even rumored to remain to guide others to the foreverlife.
“So you think you’ve got what it takes to be immortal do you? You become immortal just because you were a Wizard now. You’ve got to think infinitly and be outside of time just to continue existing. You can’t just sit still and let time catch up to you, you’ve got to run away from it for the rest of your immortal life!

Repeal all Dynastic rules. Rename Historian to Immortal and Wizard to Mortal.



08-02-2018 02:58:18 UTC

looks like we have a BlogNomic canon now.


08-02-2018 03:56:26 UTC

not really. it’s just sometimes that ascension addresses reference the previous dynasty in some way. You should look over some of the older ones when you have time to see what I mean.
If we really had a cannon I’d probably be socially forced to make some reference to Zahndorf.