Monday, December 07, 2009


Alzhaid has not posted or commented since November 30, and thus becomes idle. Quorum is now six.

I tried to explain exactly what’s happening, since he’s a new player, and also because his native language isn’t English (therefore I’m trying not to use too many idioms).

Also, does anyone else think that it is amusing that his member number is 523?



12-07-2009 18:20:21 UTC

Also, since his native language is most likely Spanish (as he lives in Spain), I’ll clarify that English “idiom” does not mean Spanish “idioma”; according to my dictionary, it means Spanish “idiotismo”.


12-08-2009 03:24:05 UTC

I think you’re being a little too specific, DC.


12-08-2009 15:31:04 UTC

How so?