Sunday, March 11, 2018

Home squares

I’ve sent the randomly chosen home squares to all those concerned by the hearts board, but I wasn’t sure how to consider contractions. For example, is “haven’t’” one word or two. This is important not only to calculate Combat Power but also for vulnerable words. Would the person with “shouldn’t” in their Terrain be vulnerable to shouldn’t or should ?



03-11-2018 13:36:11 UTC

(these are just examples of course)


03-11-2018 13:50:27 UTC

Also, I hadn’t chosen my Nativity before choosing the home squares and sending them out, so they’re invalid. I’ve got to go through the process again.


03-11-2018 14:12:58 UTC

Home squares have been rerolled and sent.


03-11-2018 16:46:35 UTC

Probably an English book/website could give info but I have no idea where to start (I’ve only studied Spanish for Language stuff…)


03-12-2018 14:47:59 UTC

Yeah after reading a few things (including the opinions on your link) I think we should consider contractions as one word.