Friday, March 09, 2018

Proposal: Homeland

self-killed failed by card

Adminned at 09 Mar 2018 21:01:56 UTC

If there is no rule called “Terrain”, this proposal has no effect.

Create a rule called “Homeland” with the following:

Each Pawn has a Homeland (a place which isn’t necessarily their “home”, but holds enough emotional significance to be similar to such), which is secretly tracked by the Kings and each Pawn knows their own Homeland (they can request the Kings this information and they shall grant them it). A Pawn’s Homeland is a cell on either the Hearts or Spades grid, and a Pawn’s Homeland is secretly randomly determined by the Kings.

- A Pawn has Combat Power equal to the amount of words at the Terrain of their Homeland, unless another Pawn is on their Homeland’s cell, in which case it’s zero.
- A Pawn is Vulnerable to each word at the Terrain of their Homeland. A Pawn’s Proposals cannot have words in it which they are Vulnerable to.

Create a Rule called “Hearted Spades” with:

Rules which are subrules of this rule are considered to be subrules of both the “Hearts” rule and the “Spades” rule

Make Homeland a subrule of Hearted Spades.

Feel free to Veto if necessary, because this summons work onto the Emperors



03-09-2018 10:02:58 UTC

This looks good but I don’t think it’s possible to add into the ruleset because of the Hearts and Spades rules, this one mentions both boards, can’t be a subrule of both (although I suppose there could be two different subrules with the same name and text) and isn’t added in the correct way.
I think we’re going to have to fix the Hearts and Spades rules somehow, maybe restrict their effects to rules which affect pieces or terrain on their respective boards, instead of just any rule which mentions them.
maybe we could CfJ it so that it fixes them before this becomes enacted?


03-09-2018 10:03:40 UTC

by correct way I mean it’s not added in as a subrule of Spades or Hearts


03-09-2018 10:08:29 UTC

Added “Hearted Spades” to fix it.

Feels a bit silly/weird but I guess that’s very in-setting lol


03-09-2018 11:22:38 UTC



03-09-2018 12:14:00 UTC

imperial Having something secretly tracked by two people is a bit tricky, but I’m sure they can sort something out.


03-09-2018 12:36:09 UTC

Hrm, I should figure out mechanics that can only be done by two Emperor figures.

I had in mind (way back) about something like Cluedo and then trials with lawyering and such (one Emperor is the person who handles the secret information for the crimes and the other is the Judge for the trials who doesn’t know this secret information, but is impartial)

The end of Alice in Wonderland IS a trial though, so yeah. It could be done. Could be good.


03-09-2018 12:40:09 UTC

The idea was to have a clear separation of the laws that govern the Hearts land from the ones that govern the Spade land, but it seems it might be too problematic.


03-09-2018 12:43:21 UTC

@Diabecko: I’m convinced it can still be done! The issue is that I didn’t want to favor either side just yet, as a proposer. Being neutral to the two was a deliberate choice.


03-09-2018 12:52:37 UTC



03-09-2018 13:24:48 UTC

I’m starting to wonder if this is too restricive. A whole paragraph will contain many generic words. It could become literally impossible for a player to make a proposal, and it would be very difficult for us to check their proposal for forbidden words. Maybe it could be limited to certain types of words (nouns, verbs). Imagine writing a proposal without using “a”, “to”, “is” etc.


03-09-2018 13:27:00 UTC

(Even “is” is a verb though. I’m not native english but you get the point)


03-09-2018 13:28:33 UTC

against It also screws over a possible system of having one Emperor having all of the secret info and the other being an impartial judge so S/King for now. I like the idea of having our stats and such being determined by a cell/terrain though.


03-09-2018 13:29:13 UTC

Yep I like the general idea.


03-09-2018 16:23:58 UTC



03-09-2018 18:41:51 UTC

against I agree that it does need to be a bit less restrictive, but the idea is good.


03-09-2018 19:30:58 UTC

for CoV


03-09-2018 19:31:14 UTC

against RECoV


03-09-2018 20:00:10 UTC

@Axemabaro @ElMarko
this proposal has been self killed so your votes have no effect; however if you were just giving your opinion of the proposal itself I understand


03-09-2018 20:00:20 UTC

Just to note that since I voted against my own thing it’s “Self-Killed”, and regardless of anyone’s else’s vote, it will not pass.