Monday, February 09, 2015

Proposal: Hostile working conditions

Josh has an implicit FOR vote, and Kevan voted DEFERENTIAL, which means this passes 7-1. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 10 Feb 2015 18:20:09 UTC

Flush the Marks.

Add a new subrule to the rule Androids, entitled Tampering:

Any Crewmember may Tamper by sending a PM to the Ship’s Computer with the subject line “Tamper: xxx”, where xxx is the name of a System as listed in the rule entitled Missions.

Upon receiving a Tamper message from a Crewmember, the Ship’s Computer should Alert the crew to a Pending Mission that takes place in the named System. If the Crewmember who sent the Tamper message to the Ship’s Computer is part of the response team for that mission, then it fails regardless of any other conditions.

An individual Crewmember may not Tamper with a system more than once every 48 hours.

Add a new subroutine to the subroutine list:

TRAK - Threshold: 11 OI. If the subject of this subroutine has Tampered with a System in the 48 hours preceding the execution of this subroutine, then the Crewmember who signed this subroutine is notified of that Crewmember’s identity by the Ship’s Computer.

In the rule entitled Missions, after the text “The Computer may, not more than once every 48 hours”, add the following:

(unless directed to as a result of Tampering)



09-02-2015 18:29:11 UTC

Policy against  due to mark-flushing.

Brendan: he/him

09-02-2015 18:34:16 UTC

Policy for due to more death but I am not sure of the benefit of this for Humans. More missions and Clearance loss as a victory goal? But there’s no guarantee of getting on the resulting Mission’s Responder Team, which likely means that other people take the lead instead of the tamperer.

Maybe if TRAK also had a chance of giving away Human/Android status it would be a better incentive—yeah, I busted the transponder, but now you know for sure I’m no toaster, see?

Kevan: City he/him

09-02-2015 18:57:52 UTC



09-02-2015 19:30:11 UTC

The balance implications of this are quite anti-Human. 

I had wanted to make an alt-win for Androids by sabotaging a mission on a Catastrophic system, with a counterbalancing alt-win for Humans, but the ability to force multiple Alerts on the same system means proposing that would be suicide.

Darknight: he/him

09-02-2015 22:14:27 UTC



10-02-2015 04:50:35 UTC



10-02-2015 13:32:09 UTC

48 hours seems like too short a timeout.


10-02-2015 14:19:01 UTC



10-02-2015 17:47:37 UTC

for Bucky, I don’t think that’s suicide necessarily.