Thursday, October 24, 2019

Proposal: Hot Dog: Ender of the World

Timed out / quorumed 4 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 26 Oct 2019 11:14:02 UTC

In “End of the World!”, replace 3000 with 4000, and add:

If the EM named pokes has achieved victory, and the safety phrase, which is “hot dog”, is not the final words of this rule, they may post an Ascension Address as if they had posted an enacted DoV.

The safety phrase is here: hot dog.

A real Rube Goldberg machine of a way to implement the everybody loses condition. I expect that the hot dog would have to be repealed by proposal, which plays the role of a DoV. Also, 3000 is coming up fast.



24-10-2019 04:14:50 UTC

I don’t know that this would be a smooth transition out of the dynasty. Would it be the same dynasty, just with a second address? Would you get to repeal the rules? Let me dig a little.

Kevan: he/him

24-10-2019 08:14:50 UTC

I think making it another dynasty of Pokes would feel like an “Act II” of this dynasty, and fair game for a player to hit the 4000-Temperature button to stop somebody else winning.

Maybe that’s fun if we get there quickly, but it’s going to be a deterrent against putting too much effort into playing Act I, if a small cabal or even a single combo’d-up player can end it at will.


24-10-2019 09:24:50 UTC

@Tyguy: It would technically still be the same dynasty lol. The clause that allows a new dynasty to appear is this:

“When a DoV is enacted, all other pending DoVs are failed, and a new Dynasty begins with the EM who made the DoV as its UNSG.”

And this new rule would only allow him to post an AA, it doesn’t trigger that clause. But it would let him post a new theme for the dynasty (“this should specify the UNSG’s chosen theme for the new Dynasty,”) but thankfully that’s just a “should” and can be ignored so we don’t have to run into weird stuff.

Could be easily all fixed with just a “yo and there is a new dynasty btw” clause in there, though. Or even in the proposal that removes the hot dog. Not too much of a problem.

@Kevan: Those are definitely looming dangers, but it will give the dynasty a unique feel! So I’m all for it, even if it lowers my overall chances of winning, because “everyone loses” would also exist too.


Anyways, for because I like the “everyone loses” thing.


24-10-2019 10:07:27 UTC

Also, note that any addition to a rule is automatically to the end of it unless explicitly otherwise, so be careful about adding more to “End of the World!” after this enacts!!

Kevan: he/him

24-10-2019 11:31:31 UTC

against It’s a good narrative, but I think it risks discouraging players from doing very much in Act I, if it could end at any time with no winner, and no suggestion that any gamestate would carry forward into Act II.


24-10-2019 18:48:59 UTC

[Kevan] Agreed, but I like it too much to let that stop it. American Presidents get two terms, and that’s all I’d give to pokes. for

Would you do a full reset, pokes? Or keep around most of the basic rules?


25-10-2019 22:19:51 UTC

I also like the “everybody loses” dynamic, it feels quite unique to the theme of this dynasty.  for