Monday, November 30, 2009

How did this happen?

How is Wak a Super Admin?



11-30-2009 21:31:44 UTC

I was made a super-admin along with Kevan a while back. Why?


11-30-2009 21:48:25 UTC

...I’m just surprised that, after all that fuss about you becoming an admin in the first place, they trusted you to become a super-admin.


12-01-2009 02:37:10 UTC

DC:  Wak has technical expertise, passion, and time.  We needed someone active to be a superadmin on the blog (note that he doesn’t have backend access).

I trust him to keep an eye on things without breaking them.  When you hold all the keys to the kingdom, you no longer need to break in.


12-01-2009 06:56:14 UTC

Why wasn’t this discussed on the blog? You don’t give a psycho killer the keys to your house so that you don’t need to worry about locking it. Only reason I’m not flipping out Kevan is that my respect for you runs further than my mistrust of Wak. I’ll trust your decision but still voice strong strong opposition. That and Blognomic still appears to be here, even if some of the players still don’t understand simple concepts like time.


12-01-2009 07:28:59 UTC

Clucky, you haven’t been around in a while. You should observe for a bit before passing judgement.


12-01-2009 08:52:40 UTC

This wasn’t my decision - it was presumably that of 75th Trombone (who owns the server here) or Excalabur, or both. I support it, though.


12-01-2009 11:20:32 UTC

Wak’s been a super admin for a while and hasn’t broken anything. Whatever the rationale at the time, flipping out now seems counterproductive.


12-01-2009 19:37:44 UTC

@Clucky: What I don’t understand is infinity, and how it even makes any sense at all for there to be “multiple infinities”.


12-01-2009 19:58:00 UTC

HAHAHA Wak has technical expertise, hahahahaha he knows exactly what he has learned by trolling the internets. But he’s not interested in breaking anything so there is no problem.

Ienpw III:

12-01-2009 20:30:13 UTC

I’ve no problem with it. He knows what he’s doing.


12-01-2009 21:15:46 UTC

I don’t have a problem with it, I’m just surprised.


12-01-2009 21:20:53 UTC

Erm, if you actually noticed I pointed out that you haven’t killed blognmoic yet and that I was merely stating my disagreement with the deacision to do it behind our backs. I’m to lazy to actally argue or consider Waks merits.


12-02-2009 03:25:48 UTC

Clucky:  backend stuff is explicitly not gamestate.  There’s a reason for that.  FTP and shell access to the server is still restricted to, I believe, 75th trombone, myself, and Angry Grasshopper; this list would include Kevan if he hadn’t lost the password.

Qwaz: perhaps.  But trolling the internets for whatever takes time that I don’t have :).

Superadmin power gives one power over user accounts and modules, basically.


12-03-2009 18:14:15 UTC

Excalabur: Why not give Kevan back the password?


12-04-2009 01:35:20 UTC

DC: he hasn’t given me a secure channel upon which to give it to him.