Friday, January 04, 2008

How to deal cards (not a proposal, just a discussion)

I’ve been struggling with how to fairly deal community cards—the current ruleset doesn’t specify how I have to do this.

My suggestion is as follows: once play begins, I will use Kevan’s engine to get another deck of cards, and I will post the entire deck (cards 1-52) on the wiki so that everyone can see it.  Then, when I do the flop, I will roll DICE52 three times in the wiki (rerolling as necessary so that there are no duplicate results), then a fourth time for the turn when required, and a fifth time for the river when required, in each case rerolling as necessary so that there are no duplicate results.  I will then post the results (and identify the applicable cards) in the stickied post for the hand.  Sound fair?

Also, I am fairly sure that my poker play proposals that were adopted aren’t 100% correct, so people should consider how best to patch them.  For example, I’m not sure that the mechanism for raises works correctly as stated in the ruleset.  We can see what happens once we start to play, but this might be a good time to fix problems if they can be identified.



04-01-2008 18:10:11 UTC

I think the method you describe for dealing the community cards sounds good.

I’m mentally preparing proposals to try and fix some play mechanics.  I used to deal poker professionally, so I have a soft spot for it all.  ;)  Unfortunately I’m on vacation in New York right now, so I don’t have a whole lot of time to work on it.  Do what I can cause it’s all I can do.  ;)


04-01-2008 18:28:21 UTC

Works for me.

Kevan: he/him

04-01-2008 19:52:46 UTC

I’d be fine with the Dealer just generating a deck and keeping it on your local machine (or just having a real deck of cards to hand and drawing three new ones each time). Whatever’s easiest.


04-01-2008 22:16:19 UTC

I want to avoid having any of the five community cards be identical to each other.  I also want everyone to be comfortable that I’m not cheating—if I roll GNDT dice to pick cards as and when needed, I’m not hiding anything.