Friday, October 02, 2009

Proposal: I am king of this pile of bones, surrender your brains.

Adminned at 04 Oct 2009 16:42:08 UTC

Create a new rule, “Cetaceans are pretty smart”:

There is an Infected Survivor known as the Cadaverous King that can command other Infected Survivors to follow his or her will. As a daily action, the Cadaverous King can change the Watching of another Infected Survivor to any other valid value. Whenever an Infected Survivor other than the Cadaverous King votes DEFERENTIAL on a Proposal, if the Cadaverous King voted on that Proposal, the votes of those Survivors are instead counted as being of the same type as the vote made by the Cadaverous King.

Unless an Infected Survivor has voted AGAINST this Proposal, the author of this proposal is the Cadaverous King.

Times out 7-1 -Darth



10-02-2009 21:41:16 UTC

against Somehow I knew arthexis had written this one as soon as it came up on my RSS feed, even before I saw the author on the blog… Seriously, though, AGAINST for the usual reasons; you’re basically trying to get a dictatorship over the Infected (including the Leader!) I can’t see any logical reason why it would benefit anyone but you if this passed, nor make the game any more interesting. Therefore, I can only conclude that this proposal is only designed for the point or more of Rage you’ll get when it fails…


10-02-2009 22:19:44 UTC

Of course not ais, I think some might be insane enough to vote FOR, actually. Furthermore, Rage is totally useless for me, since I do not plan to perform any Fitness related action ever.

Even more so, you’re not part of the Infected, so mind your own business.


10-03-2009 00:04:36 UTC



10-03-2009 01:39:12 UTC

against I’m totally FOR, but I want to be the cadaverous king, lol


10-03-2009 03:45:58 UTC



10-03-2009 08:34:34 UTC

against Power-grab. Sorry, just telling it like it is.


10-04-2009 00:41:21 UTC

CoV,  against to avoid giving a Rage bonus


10-04-2009 19:20:32 UTC

against  per Qwaz.