Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Declaration of Victory: I am your new Overlord

Failed. No for votes. —Rodlen, Greatest Admin Ever

Adminned at 15 May 2008 13:21:08 UTC

The last proposal to pass says, “* I achieve victory in the current dynasty.”

So, I achieve victory in the current dynasty.

Thank you guys.



14-05-2008 19:33:45 UTC

Also, Yoda does not receive 1 GL for that because his [Evil] proposal failed to fail.


14-05-2008 19:36:22 UTC

against Check my earlier post. Also, the ‘I’ obviously refers to the author of the proposal.


14-05-2008 19:56:19 UTC

Sorry, I had my window open before you posted, and now I’ve stalled the game for a day.

Unless, of course, Henchman want to vote FOR…


14-05-2008 20:14:21 UTC



14-05-2008 20:18:34 UTC

“I achieve victory in the current dynasty.” was not italic.  Therefore, Yoda won.


14-05-2008 20:22:49 UTC

I just pasted in the earlier thread, it was preceded by “If x Then these 2 things:” making it part of that larger grammatical construct. If you could pull sentences out of their context, half the ruleset would be exploitable.


14-05-2008 20:24:18 UTC

I only made a run for it because I missed the distinction in italics between rules and proposals, and that convention has been to call players by name in a proposal rather than use “I”.


14-05-2008 21:01:25 UTC



14-05-2008 21:45:02 UTC

Would it do me any good to offer bribes in the next cycle?

Honestly I wanted to knock a few rules out I didn’t like and keep this cycle going with the current Overlord. I’m not prepared for the admin duties here yet.

arthexis: he/him

15-05-2008 02:22:07 UTC

against Per previous comments. Also, I think I can still win this one…

Darknight: he/him

15-05-2008 02:33:35 UTC