Thursday, September 17, 2009

I attacked Darth Cliche

Per rule “2.6 Attacking Your Friends” I have just successfully attacked Darth Cliche. However, in observance of rule “2.3.1 I’m Being Watched” I cannot change his Status to Wounded. Nothing in the rules says that the damage against him is somehow prevented or cancelled, so he has in fact taken damage from my attack. Can someone please change his Status to reflect this?

Update: Also, I make dogfish “take damage” for having less than 0 Stamina. Per the same logic, I cannot update his status on the GNDT. Can someone update that for me?



09-17-2009 15:24:05 UTC

I’ve updated dogfish (which definitely works, because even if you couldn’t wound him, I could). As for Darth Cliche, I’d like a second opinion before doing the update.


09-17-2009 15:33:07 UTC

K, I’ll try to attract more attention to this so we can get more opinions on the matter.

Ienpw III:

09-17-2009 19:36:37 UTC

I haven’t looked too closely, but it seems fine.