Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Proposal: I be no cheater

Failed with enough AGAINST votes that it could not be Enacted without one of those votes being changed. 1-6 - Failed by Chivalrybean

Adminned at 29 Jan 2008 23:17:21 UTC

Add a new Dynastic rule, entitled “Cheating”, as follows:

Any player may once during a hand, replace one of their cards with any other (even the same card).  This player shall be referred to as the ‘Cheater’.  If the Cheater exposes their cards and wins that hand, then any player may make a post to the main blog accusing the Cheater of Cheating, specifying which card the Cheater has replaced.  As soon as the Cheater has responded, or after 72 hours, whichever occurs first, these two players shall engage in a Shootout, according to the normal rules.  If the Cheater loses, then in addition to becoming Wounded, they shall run away and their Courage status shall be changed to Yellow, and the player with the next highest hand shall automatically win the pot.  If the Shootout is a draw, then the Cheater shall run away and their Courage status shall be changed to Yellow, and the player with the next highest hand shall automatically win the pot.  If the Cheater wins, then they shall win the pot as normal.  Only the first player to accuse the Cheater of Cheating shall engage in a Shootout.

If a player accuses another player of Cheating, but that player claims innocence, then the dealer shall resolve such a dispute.  If the player claiming innocence was naturally dealt the accused card, then the accusing player shall have their Courage status changed to Yellow.  If, however, the player claiming innocence was indeed a Cheater, then the player with the next highest hand shall automatically win the pot, the rest of the Cheater’s money shall be taken by Uncle Sam, their Courage status shall be changed to Yellow, and Uncle Sam shall engage in a Shootout with the Cheater, which Uncle Sam shall automatically win, causing the Cheater to be Wounded.

(Note that a) anyone has 72 hours to proclaim their innocence, and b) if someone cheats, but whoever accuses them points out the wrong card, they can get away with it.)



29-01-2008 16:07:55 UTC

How am I supposed to know who is cheating? against


29-01-2008 18:19:07 UTC

I had assumed you had access to the deck checksum converter. Maybe that’s Kevan’s work?

against This needs a little work—I would think cheating could only happen when first selecting your cards.

I would also rewrite it either so the cheater still puts the dice rolled number of the expected card, but replaces that with the number/suit of the card(s) they want, assuming spikebrennan has access to the original deck, OR that the player emails spikebrennan that he’s cheating (which is probably easier overall).

Darknight: he/him

29-01-2008 18:30:23 UTC

against i’m with aaron with e-mailing spike to let him know that ya cheating. the rest seems ok but a redo will help more


29-01-2008 18:47:40 UTC

If people email me… then I can’t play poker anymore.  (Which is fine, if that’s what everyone wants, but I want to point out that it would have that consequence.)


29-01-2008 21:25:48 UTC



29-01-2008 23:12:03 UTC



29-01-2008 23:18:52 UTC

If someone cheats, and another player accuses them of cheating, then they would own up, because otherwise they would lose everything automatically.  The only hard part is if someone is accused of cheating, and they claim their innocence.  In that case, spike would need to use the checksum converter.


30-01-2008 07:11:43 UTC


Seems like it needs work. I’m not sure I like the idea overall as a whole. It kind of turns the game into Poker BS, but that’s not a bad thing I guess, just person preference. Don’t let it stop you from fixing the problems in this one.