Monday, November 03, 2008

Proposal: I bet my honor on that


Adminned at 04 Nov 2008 12:52:56 UTC

Create a new rule called, “Clan Records”

There shall exist a wiki document called “Clan Records” in which each clan shall be listed in a separate section. When a new Clan is formed, it shall be added as a new section to the “Clan Records” document. If a Clan ceases to exist, it shall NOT be removed from the document. A new clan cannot be created if its name would be that of one already on that document. This document may not be modified in any way other than those expressed in the rules.

As a daily action a Clansmen may remove an item from their inventory and write the name of the item in the section corresponding to their clan. This is called Stashing an item.
As a separate daily action a Clansmen may delete an item from their Clan’s section in the document, and add that item to their inventory. This is called Retrieving an item.
A Clansmen may not Retrieve or Stash items while being a Combatant in a Duel.

Create a new sub-rule “Bless Gemstone” to rule “Rituals”:

A Clansmen may create a blessed gemstone that reflects some of his or her own potential. To create one, that Clansmen must choose the type of gemstone to bless, each one being related to a characteristic of the Clansmen: Ruby (Strength), Emerald (Skill), Sapphire (Reflex) or Diamond (Honor). Then they choose a level for the blessing, which determines how much power the stone will store: Flawless (1 point), Immaculate (2 points), Perfect (3 points). After those choices are made, the Clansmen reduces the characteristic related to the gemstone type by an amount equal to the points for that level of the blessing. This action may not be taken if it would reduce any of those characteristics to less than 2.

Finally, the Clansmen adds the result as an item to their inventory, named as the combination between the gemstone level and its type (in that order). It might be abbreviates by using the first character of each word as its two letter abbreviation. The resulting item is valid even if it does not appear on the list of valid items (this takes precedence over rule 2.5) The item may be used by its current owner at any time (even during Duel, as a combat move) and its effect is to increase the user’s corresponding stat (the one spent when creating the item) by the number of points contained on that gemstone (the same number spent when creating the item). After being used, the gemstone is removed from the inventory of the user.

Example: A Clansmen can spend 2 Strength to create an Immaculate Ruby, abbreviated IR. When this item is used, its user gains 2 points of Strength.

If a wiki document named “Clan Records” exists, blank it, else create it. Add a section to the “Clan Records” document for each of the different existing clans: Null, Jedi, Iron and Fryzjer.

I’ll use this as the first step in constructing a framework for placing bets and using teamwork to distribute stats to champions.



04-11-2008 00:31:46 UTC

against .  I do not like the idea of transferring Physical Stats.


04-11-2008 03:18:08 UTC

imperial If we do transfer stats, I would rather see that we can tranfer as much as we want, not up to 3.

arthexis: he/him

04-11-2008 03:50:30 UTC

I wonder if you guys like the first part (creating the clan record) but just don’t like the ritual?


04-11-2008 04:03:12 UTC

I would be up for it if the Patriarch is.  It’s like a community bank.


04-11-2008 04:29:15 UTC

I have no problem with the clan stashes.

arthexis: he/him

04-11-2008 05:44:52 UTC

Can you veto this then?

Kevan: he/him

04-11-2008 10:28:02 UTC



04-11-2008 11:40:03 UTC


Hello Sailor:

04-11-2008 14:49:37 UTC

against Transferring items and stats at a 1 to 1 ratio is not to my liking.


04-11-2008 20:45:53 UTC

veto  by request