Sunday, July 02, 2017

Story Post: I don’t know what exactly to put here

I want to spend two supplies to perform an outdoor action to change my location to boot camp.

P.S. Am I doing this right? Would someone tell me exactly how I should be playing?



02-07-2017 16:28:03 UTC

Some actions require that you post about them on the blog, but this isn’t one of them. For actions that don’t say you have to make a post, and that only change the state of the game that’s visible in the GNDT, you can directly change the GNDT to perform the action. In this case, if you pull up the GNDT (“Access the GNDT” in the sidebar) and set the appropriate new values for supplies (8) and location, then the action is done.


02-07-2017 16:28:52 UTC

Admittedly this is a bit of a hidden thing.

Waaaaay down in “Gamestate Tracking” we got:

“For gamestate which is tracked in a specific place (such as the GNDT or a wiki page), any alteration of that gamestate as a result of an Explorer’s action is (and can only be) applied by editing that data in that place.”

So you should do it via an edit in the GNDT (box thinger there on the right side). Just input the right values and then press “Submit changes”.

Your current post here does nothing. Easy fix though.