Monday, September 29, 2008

Proposal: I got my (dragon’s) mojo workin’

Timed out 7 to 1. passes-Darknight

Adminned at 01 Oct 2008 21:29:31 UTC

Add a new rule named “Dragon Eggs” and give it the following text:

Each Breeder may own Dragon Eggs. They are tracked in the wiki document titled “Dragon Eggs”. In it there will be a heading for every Breeder, and under each heading are the Dragon Eggs that that Breeder owns.  Dragon Eggs have all the same stats that Dragons do, and they also have a color from the list of colors Dragons can be. A Breeder may transfer a Dragon Egg to another Breeder at any time.

Add another new rule named “Breeding” and give it the following text:

Breeders may breed Dragons together. To do so, one Breeder, whose Dragon is known as the Base, makes a post titled “[Breeding] (Base) + (Mate)”, where (Base) is replaced by the name of the Base, and Mate is replaced by the name of the prospective Dragon to be the Mate. This counts as a weekly action. The owner of the second Dragon named may post a comment containing the FOR symbol, and if he does the Breeding occurs. If he posts an AGAINST, or does not post either within forty-eight hours, the Breeding does not occur.

Add a sub-rule to it titled “When Breeding occurs”:

When Breeding occurs, within forty-eight hours of it occouring, either Breeder involved may post one comment in the GNDT of “Claiming Eggs DICE2”. If they roll a one, they may add a Dragon Egg to the Dragon Eggs page in the wiki under their heading, with the color of the Base (unless otherwise noted by another sub-rule) and each stat equal to (Base’s stat + Mate’s stat)/2. If they roll a two, they may add a Dragon Egg in this way twice. In either case, they may not post another comment for this Breeding.

And change the text of Rule 2.2, “Dragons”, to:

All Breeders are entitled to owning at least one Dragon. If at any time a Breeder has no Dragon, or if their Dragon is Dead, they may adopt one by naming it and choosing color for it, or they may hatch a Dragon Egg they own. Once a Breeder has a Dragon, it’s Name and Color shall be recorded in the GNDT by its owner’s name (under Columns “Dragon Name” and “Color” respectively). A newly adopted Dragon cannot be named after any existing Dragon, Breeder or Dragonmaster. The color of an adopted Dragon can be any of the ones defined as a sub-rule to the rule, “Colors”. The newly adopted Dragon becomes the Breeder’s active Dragon.

If the Breeder hatches a Dragon Egg, the Egg is removed from the wiki page, and they choose a name in the same way that they would adopt a Dragon. This new Dragon has the color and stats of the Egg it was hatched from.

This is a new try at a breeding rule. Note how the stats of the new Dragon are the average of its parents. That way, it’s not absurdly easy to make a hyper-powerful dragon by breeding ones with high stats in every catagory. Breeders have a chance at getting extra eggs to use as trades/gifts/bribes/prizes/whatever. Also, a future proposal could add more colors gotten only by breeding, but then again, that might get unbalanced.



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