Sunday, September 27, 2009

I hereby decree that I am the Dictator of the Multiverse Tu Naf Ish

Rule 1. Darth Cliche is the Dictator of the Multiverse, and may do anything at any time.

Rule 2. Darth Cliche is the human who

is able to, in less than 5 seconds, without using any computers, decipher this message: tunafish

is able and willing to log on to using the account ‘darthcliche’, and post a comment to this post, using that account.

Rule 3. This ruleset takes precedence over all other laws, rules, regulations, articles, or laws of physics.

Added ‘and willing’. Mua ha ha.



09-27-2009 18:24:07 UTC

I wish Rule 1 actually did take precedence over the laws of physics.

Darknight: HE/HIM

09-27-2009 19:10:15 UTC

only in a nomic can ya proclaim such DC lol


09-27-2009 19:11:07 UTC

@DK: This is in response to yuri’s ruleset.

Darknight: HE/HIM

09-27-2009 19:13:40 UTC

Well DUH lol. I’ve been watching that and laughing all the while.


09-27-2009 19:47:42 UTC

Tunafish means tuna fish.

Deduced in less than five seconds.


09-27-2009 19:48:44 UTC

Therefore, I, Rodlen, must be Darth Cliche.


09-27-2009 21:01:25 UTC

I remember tunafish. That was weird at the time.

Ienpw III:

09-27-2009 21:34:49 UTC

I too am Darth Cliche, per Rodlen’s explanation.

Ienpw III:

09-27-2009 21:42:43 UTC

Also, since there are multiple Darth Cliches, there is more than one “the human who can decipher”, so rule 2 contradicts itself. The ruleset, or at least rule 2, is invalid. Also, this nomic is illegal per the LEGAL version of yuri_king_nomic_1. Bucky illegally edited my nomic, so my last edit is still in effect.


09-27-2009 22:45:01 UTC

All of you have incorrectly deciphered it - it is not a message in English! It is in a conlang which I just invented when making this ruleset.


09-27-2009 23:20:25 UTC

But nothing said we had to correctly decipher it.

Also, there is nothing to prove that your conlang is what is being used.

Ienpw III:

09-27-2009 23:34:19 UTC

Also, you edited a post!
:o !
You might as well have dropped your pants in public; that’s a no-no.


09-27-2009 23:35:22 UTC

Okay, changed the ruleset per Rule 1. Also, the old “tunafish” meant the following:

“tu” (Darth Cliche)

“na” (present tense)

“f” (to be)

“ish” (awesome)

Therefore, it means “Darth Cliche is awesome.”


09-27-2009 23:37:02 UTC

@yuri: I merely used strike tags, which is allowed. Please reread Rule 1.10.

Ienpw III:

09-28-2009 00:07:20 UTC

I know :(

It’s not a conlang, it’s a code.

Ienpw III:

09-28-2009 01:23:09 UTC

*Also*, I am able to log on using your username. All I need is a brute force password cracker and a hell of a lot of time. Actually, I’d be able to do it without the program, it’d just take even longer.


09-28-2009 01:59:43 UTC

It is a conlang, it’s just that this particular sentence resembles a code. The “na-” prefix proves that it is not a code. Just because it has SVO order does not mean it’s a code.

Ienpw III:

09-28-2009 02:07:07 UTC

Yeah, I realized that afterwards, but hoped you’d not notice.


09-28-2009 02:14:35 UTC

Of course, the basic word order and present tense prefix are all the grammar I have worked out, and the only vocabulary is tu, f, and ish. I think I’ll continue working on this “word-for-sentence” lang; it seems vaguely interesting.

Note: with proper spacing, capitalization, and punctuation, the message is “Tu naf ish”.

Ienpw III:

09-28-2009 02:26:55 UTC

^ Je veux assiste toi avec ton efforts s’il vous plaît.


09-28-2009 02:30:36 UTC

@yuri: Très bien, je vais vous inviter à mon Google Doc.


09-28-2009 02:35:06 UTC

Ou je le ferais si je savais comment inviter des gens ...


09-28-2009 02:38:14 UTC

J’ai envoyé cette invitation! Et pourquoi parlons-nous français?

Ienpw III:

09-28-2009 02:47:58 UTC

Je ne sais pas. Non en fait, je sais: Je voulais vous demontrate mon connaissances de un langue different de anglais. Mais, je ne suis pas fluent en francais; je parle en peu.


09-28-2009 02:49:46 UTC

Je parle pas le français à tous, je suis l’aide de Google Translate. Les langues que je parle sont l’anglais, espéranto, et un peu de latin.


09-28-2009 02:51:25 UTC

Trate de ver si su conocimiento del francés el único que puede ayudarle a leer esto!

Ienpw III:

09-28-2009 02:53:44 UTC

I got some of it. Then I cheated.

Ienpw III:

09-28-2009 02:54:51 UTC

/join #ishic on freenode


09-28-2009 02:55:16 UTC

Tässä on täysin liity kielen nimi on samantapainen.


09-28-2009 03:11:14 UTC

@DC: Lo que escribiste no tiene ningún sentido, y de hecho tiene pésima gramática.


09-28-2009 03:50:21 UTC

@arth: Estoy utilizando Google Translate…


09-28-2009 05:47:22 UTC

There is no member ‘darthcliche’.


09-28-2009 05:48:15 UTC

Or is there…?


09-28-2009 16:42:46 UTC

That’s my username.


09-29-2009 04:40:55 UTC

@DC: Siempre me han causado gracia las traducciones automáticas…