Friday, October 16, 2009

I incite a worker’s rebellion!

I refuse to admin any proposals until there is a rule giving me a reward for doing so! And I urge all other admins to do the same! (Except one, who will admin the proposal giving us the reward and admin the queue away, of course).



10-16-2009 03:14:12 UTC

Wait, what?


10-16-2009 03:47:29 UTC

I’m only not adminning Proposals because it’s a lot of work now, and I don’t have the time….


10-16-2009 03:48:46 UTC

Maybe ais523 and/or spikebrennan should Propose to be admins, so there will be more….


10-16-2009 04:14:09 UTC

What!? No! Comrades, you must not admin the proposals!


10-16-2009 04:31:20 UTC

I am a good admin.  A lazy admin, but a good one.


10-16-2009 04:32:31 UTC

Yes, comrade! You shall not admin any proposals!


10-16-2009 04:50:57 UTC

There /is/ a reward for the [Theft] Proposals, hey?


10-16-2009 08:56:49 UTC

Is adminning proposals really that much more work than normal? You don’t have to update the GNDT values, you only have to make a note of the required score changes.


10-16-2009 09:15:35 UTC

Kevan - going on strike isn’t about what’s fair! It’s about what’s fair for us.


10-16-2009 09:22:08 UTC

I’m just checking that this isn’t balancing on a false premise…


10-16-2009 11:04:40 UTC

Um? I’m pretty sure that this is just dumb, DC. I plan on adminning when I get the time, whenever there is adminning to be done. We don’t need a reward.


10-16-2009 11:09:39 UTC

Can we establish a picket line, and call anyone who crosses it a scab?


10-16-2009 13:33:56 UTC

I have never been an admin.  Don’t call me “sir”, I work for a living.


10-17-2009 04:16:51 UTC

Theres an easy way to end this mess, just de-admin those that want to be greedy. I’ve only not done any admin stuff cause either its been done or i’m only on for afew mins to vote. But really DC, this is just stupid.


10-17-2009 18:33:03 UTC

Darknight: You do realize this was all a sick, twisted joke, right? Also, some sort of vague social commentary* on the Russian Revolution, in principle similar to Orwell’s Animal Farm.

*Hey, if Kevan can do it with Sci-Fi News, so can I!


10-17-2009 21:44:29 UTC

Man I had to deal with that book like 4 times over the time I was in high school, for whatever reason it was the book for every grade.