Sunday, March 15, 2009

Proposal: I know that guy from somewhere

Fails 11-1. Removing this bit of film from the movie. Darknight

Adminned at 17 Mar 2009 01:21:03 UTC

Create a new rule called “Budget”:

While the Producer has secured a large budget to ensure that the Movie will attain the desired body count, Scripters may sometimes create scenes that go over the budget Due to this, each Scripter has an “Budget” statistic tracked in the GNDT which is an integer. A Scripter’s Budget is measured in K’s and is initially zero.

Whenever a Scripter is said to “Spend XK” their Budget shall be increased by X. For example, if a Scripter has 15K and the spends 3K, their Budget is now 18K.

Create a new sub-rule “Overbudget”:

When the total Budget spent by all Scripters equals 100000K, the Producer is said to be Overbudget.

If more than half of all comments containing counted votes also contain the text “It’s burning a hole in my pocket already”, create a new rule called “Cameos”:

Whenever a Scripter creates a Scene, that Scripter may include a cameo of a single famous actor on it. To do this, the name of the famous actor must be included in their Script and they must spend 50K from their Budget. Then, the Scripter shall double the Body Count of that Scene. An actor cannot be included as a cameo for a scene if that actor has appeared on any previous scenes as a cameo.



03-15-2009 08:29:06 UTC

I’m not sure.  imperial


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03-15-2009 10:19:13 UTC

Needs a greater disincentive than “if this happens 2000 times, an adjective appears!”

It’s not clear if you double the body count before or after rolling, though. (And “more than half of all comments containing counted votes” still isn’t the same as “this is effectively a second proposal”; maybe this needs to go in the FAQ.)



03-15-2009 12:08:48 UTC

against I like the budget idea, the cameos I’m not so fussed on (mainly because I don’t know much about popular culture, and partially because Rodlen cameos seem funnier than real actor cameos, AND don’t require rules). Maybe the Budget could interact with a Special Effects related thing? Not sure what that would do though. :D


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03-15-2009 16:29:08 UTC

against Make spending too much Budget punish just the person who spends it, not everyone equally.


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03-16-2009 04:55:07 UTC

I was planning something to actually punish people to go over a target budget, but including it here would have made for a too long proposal.


03-16-2009 21:48:57 UTC

After finally taking the time to read through that proposal, CoV to explicit against  per Kevan.


03-16-2009 22:10:40 UTC