Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Proposal: I like Chinese

Passes 11-0 with a quorum FOR and 5 Epics (7 needed for a PP) -Bucky

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Add the following Locations to the Locations (or Locations and Occupations, whichever exists) page:

Joey Wong’s Healthy Cantonese RestaurantThis Chinese restaurant is located on Main Street, next to Arth’s Antique Shop.  From the sidewalk in front of the shop, tinny speakers hidden in fiberglass Foo lions squeak out Chinese opera.  A neon dragon intermittently blinks in the window.  Inside, a short, bald, elderly Chinese man tends bar.  The proprietor, Joey Wong, speaks quickly and nervously and wears a short-sleeved white shirt splattered with food stains.  “Hello hello my friend welcome to my humble establishment allow me to guide you to a table may I suggest the pork dumplings allow me to take your coat” he expectorates with a single breath as a customer enters.  The room is dark and smoky, with red and black lacquer walls and gaudy posters of smiling fat Buddhas.  But most of Joey Wong’s patrons are there to drink, not to eat… or for a word with Mr. Falsonome, the silver-haired Italian gentleman who customarily occupies a corner booth with the gravitas of a magistrate holding court.  Joey Wong’s is adjacent to the Sidewalk.  The establishment is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except Yom Kippur.

A ramshackle newspaper kiosk, smelling of cheap cigars and wet cardboard, is located on the sidewalk on the corner of 7th and Main.  The kiosk sells a motley assortment of newspapers in English, Yiddish, Italian, Russian and other languages.  Grigor, the vendor, has a seven-day stubble; a weak, slobbering mouth, breath that could knock down a mule at twenty paces, and an unidentifiable European accent.  The position of the kiosk affords Grigor an unobstructed view of the sidewalk, the entrance to the alley, and the entrances to the cafe.  Next to the kiosk, during the morning and evening rush hours, a thin rat-faced man entices passersby with three-card monte and shell games.  The kiosk is adjacent to the Sidewalk.

St. Matthew’s
St. Matthew’s, a solidly-built faux-Gothic church sits on Main Street, adjacent to the Shade Industries Warehouse and the Sidewalk.  Although the spacious church could seat hundreds, it attracts few worshipers (except for funerals), and the parish is hard-pressed to keep it open.  The marble interior reflects and magnifies sound, and candlelit statues of saints cast haunting reflections on the once-gilded, now-flaking ceiling.  On windy days, litter blows through the doors into the vestibule.  A once-magnificent pipe organ, now fallen into disrepair, dominates the choir loft.




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for 3 locations! I would say this is Epic.

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for Epic indeed. Though I’m staying 21 paces from Grigor lol


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for Explicit author for, with a bid for epic


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for Explicit author for, with a bid for epic


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for Mr. Falsonome, eh? Sounds like useful plot seed material.


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for Epic

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for Such development of the world certainly deserves an Epic score.