Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I like the moon

For more information, read here: http://blognomic.com/archive/the_translation_is_complete/

In a *very* original plot twist, I’ve been informed that we need to use the moon to reveal the key to the gate. Sometime during the night, can you hold the amulet to the moon and see what happen Other Yoda?



07-22-2008 03:48:51 UTC

Everyone who has passed the test has an amulet, Clucky.


07-22-2008 04:34:10 UTC

Oh. I must have missed that part. I spend a good fifteen minutes figuring where Rodlen got his amulet before giving up. =P

Shouldn’t they be like, an item?


07-22-2008 05:29:07 UTC

clucky, do i have to use my cleric powers to return ye sight? you poor poor blind dumdum =P. lol all in good fun btw.


07-22-2008 22:44:20 UTC

There’s only 1:15 left of nighttime.


07-22-2008 22:53:56 UTC

I hold my amulet up to the moon!


07-22-2008 22:55:10 UTC

same here then


07-22-2008 23:26:10 UTC

As Tinkergong holds up his amulet, it starts to glow in the moonlight.  It then mysteriously floats 10 feet into the air, at which point it stops rising and starts spinning in place.  The outline of a gate forms with the amulet at its pinnacle.

The gate slowly solidifies into a metal gate while the amulet stops spinning, lowers back into Tinkergong’s hand, and stops glowing.  The metal gate squeaks open to reveal a black void.

“So, who wants to go first?” asks Tinkergong.


07-24-2008 00:43:03 UTC

“I do!” Tinkergong says, answering his own question. He flies into the gate.


07-24-2008 02:41:27 UTC

Two other Adventurers (Thog and Darknight) have already volunteered.  Sorry.