Monday, August 03, 2009

Proposal: I remember that!

Veto of a Self-Kill. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 03 Aug 2009 06:20:20 UTC

Add a new rule entitled “G******** why not”:

As a weekly action, any Bill Murray with x or more icicles may spend x Icicles to Flashback y, where x is 5 times the total number of Flashbacked rules (including the one to be flashbacked), and y is any combination of characters. A memento is considered Flashbacked if it has been appended to the ruleset in accordance with rule “Groundhogs remember”. The Bill Murray must also make a post to the blog stating both the total number of flashbacked proposals, and the proposal being flashbacked.



08-03-2009 03:46:07 UTC

against In favour of my own version.

Ienpw III:

08-03-2009 04:21:12 UTC

Didn’t see your version.
CoV imperial


08-03-2009 13:10:09 UTC



08-03-2009 13:19:28 UTC

against S/k


08-03-2009 13:19:38 UTC