Monday, February 21, 2011

Proposal: i saw a light on my way here


Adminned at 23 Feb 2011 12:01:44 UTC

make new rule in rule thing. rule name is “the big me no know what”

there is big stuff in cave hole. stuff make noise. noise like null. nullllll. big noise. for each seven time big light in sky come back caveman can go to cave and throw rock in cave hole and roll the big rock with 6 sides on the g n d t.
if rock face of one is up he trips and falls down hole. bunks head and is two less smart
if rock face of two is up big stuff make big big big big nullll nullllll noise. is scary very scary. scary null. caveman no like and is one less smart.
if rock face of three or four is up big stuff no make thing or noise so caveman is sad but not too sad
if rock face of five is up big stuff make smart nulllll noise. is good noise. very good not scary null. caveman loves null and is one more smart.
if rock face of six is up good thing is good. very good. noise is all null and nulllllll and caveman happy and not derpy. so not herpy derpy that caveman is two more smart and caveman can do dance of not derp.

i know it is odd and you maybe not believe me. big thing is real very real. go to the cave and throw rock and you see. and hear. big nulllll thing is good and big and good and not derpy.

also. i saw some word on rock near cave hole. me no know what it means but it said that cave hole is zero sum. so cave hole null thing not imba… imbal… broken. me no know. me a bit derpy. but not for long. null help caveman. null is good.



21-02-2011 23:28:59 UTC

against What do you mean by “rule thing”?

Roujo: he/him

21-02-2011 23:32:32 UTC

the rule thing. the big rule thing with all the rules. =P


21-02-2011 23:50:53 UTC

ruleset is two syll…syll..slybles.


21-02-2011 23:51:50 UTC


Roujo: he/him

21-02-2011 23:52:57 UTC

english not my first tongue thing, so i was not sure. also, it had nice sound that way. =P

herp to me, i guess.


21-02-2011 23:55:21 UTC

me make better one.


21-02-2011 23:58:59 UTC

against zero sum means no one will use. herp derp.

i do like nulllllll nullllllll noise though

Kevan: City he/him

22-02-2011 00:24:29 UTC


Roujo: he/him

22-02-2011 00:54:01 UTC

William: if i made it more than zero sum, people would have said “is broken, why would people no use it?” =P

i give you the rock Rodlen. try to read it well. there is truth on it. i could not find truth. maybe you will.

good luck.


22-02-2011 00:58:40 UTC



22-02-2011 02:02:57 UTC

against a bit too hard to read.  we cave men can only use little words, but i do not mind using words like dice and such to make our nasty brutish lives a little more easy.


22-02-2011 02:07:04 UTC



22-02-2011 02:29:21 UTC



22-02-2011 03:12:09 UTC


Josh: he/they

22-02-2011 07:06:05 UTC



22-02-2011 07:07:53 UTC



22-02-2011 07:08:11 UTC



22-02-2011 08:13:06 UTC


Roujo: he/him

22-02-2011 11:41:25 UTC

against s/k =P