Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Shall Return

I am flattered that you guys voted me in; however, I completely did not expect that proposal to pass.  As such, I need to idle, but I will be back in about 2 weeks to claim my victory (provided someone else does not beat me to it).  I am sorry for the inconvenience.  So please continue on your quest for world domination until I return.

In other news, Spikebrennan is the randomly chosen henchman, so e will be receiving benefits in the next dynasty (if I get back before someone else wins, that is).



14-05-2008 21:43:29 UTC

See you in a couple weeks. Thanks for all the admin work and creativity.


15-05-2008 15:49:16 UTC

Idled.  Quorum goes to 7.