Thursday, October 24, 2013

I wish to be an NM (borring but bASIC)

I wish to be an NM



24-10-2013 21:03:36 UTC

Welcome, welcome!


25-10-2013 01:24:25 UTC

Quorum remains 7.


25-10-2013 02:02:25 UTC

Sorry, I should have mentioned that.  Quorum increases to 7, actually.


25-10-2013 06:51:40 UTC

There really isn’t any need to state the new quorum every time you remove or add a player. The current quorum is (or should be) on the sidebar at any time; I don’t think that anyone actually scrolls through the main page for the latest idling/unidling post to figure out what quorum is.


27-10-2013 06:32:42 UTC

It’s quite useful when I’m doing historical research, as it’s the only way to know that a dynasty’s reconstructed player list is complete.