Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I wish to unidle

I’d do it myself but I never learned how.



03-11-2009 19:20:17 UTC

You’re an admin, and you don’t know how to idle/unidle people?

You just have to edit the “playerlist” template, in the blog’s “template” section; move yourself from the “idle” to the “unidle” section, drop the comma, and update quorum.

Then click the “GNDT configuration” link below the GNDT, log in with the password (email me if you never had it) and uncomment your entry.

I think that’s it.


03-11-2009 20:03:49 UTC

It’s not like there is a manual or something. But thanks for the crash course anyways.


03-11-2009 20:05:19 UTC

There IS a manual…


03-11-2009 20:09:49 UTC


03-12-2009 05:11:35 UTC

Oh… really. What an unexpected turn of events.


03-12-2009 08:42:36 UTC

You’ve been unidled. I decided I might as well do three at once.