Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Idea for Training

I think we should talk about how to making training attributes work here, and then turn it into a real proposal that will actually pass.

What do people think about this idea:

Each Olympian has a certain number of training points, marked in the GNDT is a column called “TP”

At any time, a Olympian may spend N trading points to raise one of eir attributes from N to N+1.

Training Points can be earned in the following ways:

Often, a Olympian may give every current Olympian one Training Point; provided no other Olympian has done so that day. If e does so, he must give every current Olympian the training point.
Any time an Olympian writes a proposal that passes, e gains one training point.
Any time an Olympian makes an attribute roll less than 2X or greater than 9X(where X is the number of DICE10 rolled); e gains X training points.

The X TP instead of 1 TP is because the odds of getting 2X less or 9X greater become less and less with each roll. For example, DICE10 has a 20% chance at getting 1 or a 10, but 2DICE10 has only a 6% chance at getting less than 4 or greater than 18. 3DICE100 has a 2% chance; and the odds keep dropping from there.

Another idea someone pitched was that you could train if you chose to skip an event. But I am not sure what I think of that idea.



12-13-2006 22:54:51 UTC

Add:The Coach may often award a Training Point to any Olympian e feels deserves it?


12-13-2006 23:35:50 UTC

I think it’s a good idea. There ought to be more ways to earn more TPs, though. Maybe add

Whenever there is an event, an Olympian may bet X training points on the outcome of the event.

Or maybe

Often, an Olympian may comment ‘Bet X DICE2’ and (if the outcome is a 1) lose X training points, or (if the outcome is a 2) gain X training points.


12-13-2006 23:37:56 UTC

I’d vote for it as it is.

I don’t like Bucky’s or alethiophile’s changes.

I suggest that whenever an Olympian gets a medal, e also earn some TP’s


12-13-2006 23:46:35 UTC

Betting would be an interesting idea, though.


12-13-2006 23:55:23 UTC

Clucky, why don’t you post this as an actual proposal?


12-14-2006 00:12:07 UTC

Because I already have two pending proposals.

I dislike betting idea. I also dislike Bucky’s idea. Of course, I am the coach so yeah. That could be in there and I just never use it =P.


12-14-2006 08:27:01 UTC

How about in stead of changing attributes permanently you can spend them to add dice to a specific roll.


12-14-2006 08:30:22 UTC

PS: I dislike alethiophile’s, Bucky’s and Chronos Phaenon’s proposals, you shouldn’t get traning points for winning (over-exausting yourself)


12-14-2006 18:02:33 UTC

Right on, Rotwang.  Training helps you win, not the other way around.


12-15-2006 03:42:28 UTC

I’ll submit this as a proposal, then.