Saturday, April 01, 2006


How unspeakably boring.

Please, get all your silly little wordplay scams out of your systems now. Maybe I’ll be back next dynasty.


Angry Grasshopper:

01-04-2006 15:46:53 UTC

Has something changed around here of late that I didn’t notice?

Kevan: Oracle he/him

01-04-2006 16:25:13 UTC

It looks like BlogNomic stopped being fun, at least for quite a few of the players. Wacky, game-halting rules-lawyering will always take precedence over casual game-creation, even if it’s only one or two players perpetuating it.

BlogNomic never used to be like this. And it does feel like some people just need to get this out of their system, and realise that the point of us playing here is so that we can all have fun. You can pull weird meta-scams to take over the ruleset, you can write new numbers on Monopoly money and laughingly rewrite its ruleset because there’s no rule saying that you can’t, but you can’t expect other players to enjoy it, you can’t expect them to want to carry on playing.

In fact I’ve actively stopped recommending this URL, when I’m talking to people about Nomic, which seems a terrible point to have gotten to.


01-04-2006 16:26:53 UTC

I got the one thing I wanted to try out of my system once I noted it, it didn’t fly, and I’m ready to move on.


01-04-2006 17:08:47 UTC

Hmm. I think we are more or less over the ultimatiums and juntas, but it has marred this dynasty. I think we need to start over fresh. Unfortunetely, we did that last dynasty. But here is my suggested course of action:

1. While waiting for the CFJ to pass and the DoV to fail, put the finishing touches on the Draft Ruleset.

2, After the DoV fails and the CFJ passes, repeal the ruleset and replace it with the Draft one.

3. Elect an emperor somehow, and start a new, normal Dynasty.


01-04-2006 18:38:54 UTC

This is one of the reasons I idled myself.  Silly rule-mongering, doing stupid things just because there’s no rule against it, is boring.  I didn’t sign up for that.  If it carries on much further, or happens again, I’ll simply leave.

Angry Grasshopper:

01-04-2006 19:45:48 UTC

Well, if you do leave, you will be missed—I hope you don’t.


01-04-2006 20:22:20 UTC

Lars-I’d agree to a cease-fire with the game shattering loopholes if you will.

The Lone Amigo:

02-04-2006 07:06:13 UTC

Stop with the cease-fires, ultimatums, juntas!



02-04-2006 17:43:37 UTC

Don’t lose hope, I think we can turn the game around.