Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Idle me

This is a blatant scam in order to prevent myself being Disabled via Trial, because it would make it quite hard to participate in the dynasty (there’s basically nothing I can actually do, besides vote and propose, which isn’t so interesting).

Could an admin please idle me? (It’s not like it’s particularly distinguishable from my normal play anyway.) I’ll likely be unidling later.


Josh: he/they

03-02-2015 22:30:15 UTC

But ayesdeeef will be so sad!

Anyway, I’ve overcome the temptation to ignore this for four hours, and as such quorum has dropped to 6.

Kevan: City he/him

03-02-2015 23:13:10 UTC

Not much of a scam: if the Trial passes in your absence, players could easily ensure that there was a “when Ais523 unidles, he becomes Disabled” rule waiting for you when you got back.

Elimination in a game that lasts a month is always tough, we probably do need some Cerebral actions.


03-02-2015 23:49:58 UTC

I’m aware that something like that will possibly happen. Still, this keeps things more interesting.

If people are playing as Android and Human teams, though, either it’s not in the Humans’ interest to pass such a proposal, or it’s in the Androids’ interest to sabotage it. Would be interesting to see which direction happens, if either.

I have various other thoughts about the situation, but I’m going to keep them private for now.

Also, I’m still happy to scheme with people via PM, even if I am idle. It’s not exactly out of character for me to come up with big elaborate plans to win dynasties I don’t participate in at all…


03-02-2015 23:52:32 UTC

Btw, the “five and two” rule means that either Kevan has forgotten the ruleset and is hoping that things won’t be thrown out of kilter by a lack of balance, or either RaichuKFM or Darknight is an Android.

Part of the blatant scam here is that idling is actually a pretty good (but not 100% reliable) way to confirm your own alignment.

RaichuKFM: she/her

04-02-2015 01:07:32 UTC

Well, no. If Darknight isn’t an Android (because of course I’m not), and you were an Android, and thus there are less than two Androids immediately after your idling, then there’s a chance that any one of us was subsequently converted into an Android, and would be informed of that. So whether Darknight (or I, but I know the chance of myself being an Android is zero) has a higher chance of being an Android than anyone depends on whether you were truly an Android, and how many active Crewmembers there were when Androids were originally chosen. Were there ten, the odds would be equivalent, whether or not Darknight was an Android.

You shouldn’t ever be unaware of your own alignment, as if you’re “converted”, the Computer makes you aware of that.


(Also, obviously, we’re all Androids, but only some of us know that (yet). The differing effect of saline and mercury are just placebos. Shh.)


05-02-2015 15:04:01 UTC

Ah right, I didn’t realise that a 5-and-2 Android conversion wasn’t public. (My reasoning for you and Darknight specifically is that if either of you is an Android, there are three or more Androids.)