Monday, January 07, 2019

Proposal: If Your Name’s Not Down

Timed out 2 votes to 2. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 10 Jan 2019 09:11:19 UTC

To “Fiscal Victory”, add:-

An Attorney is Accredited if their name is Brendan, Diabecko, edelopo, Kevan, naught, pokes, Purplebeard, StripedMaple, Trigon or Zaphod; other Attorneys are not Accredited.

Replace “If an Attorney has a Valuation exceeding $100,000” with “If an Accredited Attorney has a Valuation exceeding $100,000”.

Curious as to how this will go down (and why we haven’t seen it proposed frequently in past dynasties, really): limiting victory to current players. If someone joins to play, they can ask to be added to the list. But if someone joins to try a scam which gives them money but not accreditation, they’re out of luck.



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01-08-2019 08:59:41 UTC

I’m not sure about how useful this is. The new player could also just make a first proposal to be added to the list and follow it with the DoV. I feel this is only useful to bore people out of doing it. It might work but I don’t know how common these things are.  against


01-08-2019 11:24:29 UTC

We had a player unidling purely to make a weak and speculative DoV before giving up on it and leaving again fifteen minutes later, a week before you joined - this locked everyone out of the game for a day. It doesn’t happen very often, but given that nobody really enjoys it when it does, a way to “bore people out of doing it” doesn’t seem a bad idea.

It’s maybe more significant for making the admission of a new, fully-fledged rival more of a decision made by the group, rather than the single admin who chooses to add them. I don’t know how much that’s worth exploring.


01-08-2019 12:05:08 UTC

against CoV. I’d hate to send any signal to prospective new players that the game is unwelcoming to them. Anything more lasting like making adding a new player a group decision would be a mistake imo.

If this proposal is aimed at one person, maybe it only needs to name them in particular.


01-08-2019 12:43:34 UTC

I think a group approval system might actually feel more welcoming than the current admin-approval - an “I’d like to join” blog post gets a single welcome from a random admin and the player is left to get on with it; a formal proposal would get at least a quorum of approval from fellow players, and likely some friendly comments.

Past dynasties have had “lock the doors” clauses where, towards the end of a dynasty, new or unidling players enter the game in a restricted state (you’ve even proposed such a penalty for unidlers yourself). It just struck me that we’ve never tried the purest version of this, where we actually list the current players by name and exclude all others.