Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Proposal: Ifrit (Daemon Research) 2nd attempt to bring from the hellish regions.

Timed out and passed, 5-1.  Brendan

Adminned at 29 Jun 2007 12:44:16 UTC

Place the following text as a sub-rule in Daemons.


Summoning Cost: 3

  As a Daily Action, the employer of Ifrit may pay up to 4 pairs of souls to Ifrit. Then, in the GNDT roll, 1DICEX, where X is the number of souls paid(total souls, not pairs), plus one(1). They may then target any corporation who has more souls then they do (after souls have been paid to Ifrit) and remove souls from targeted corporation equal to the result of the dice roll.

More clear wording, and use of Daily Action instead of Daily.


Brendan: he/him

27-06-2007 23:17:38 UTC

for Still seems like it would be easier to do “max 8, divide by 2, round down, add 1” rather than all the “pairs” stuff.  Bid: $1M.


28-06-2007 02:09:29 UTC


Denis Brandao:

28-06-2007 04:00:11 UTC

for Bid: $3M


28-06-2007 16:31:56 UTC

for I like the idea of directly attacking another Corporation. However, this seems a bit convoluted.


28-06-2007 17:06:53 UTC

When it passes, we can reword it so it says the same thing in simpler terms.


29-06-2007 03:48:50 UTC