Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I’ll go first

Requirements - none
Available Space - 2
Start Time - 07/24/08 5:00:00 (UTC)
Length - Not Known
Purpose - This party will be sent through the door first in order to find a safe place to camp inside.
Rewards - 15 XP and 1 Apple
Penalties - 10 gold pieces
Other - none



07-23-2008 01:32:15 UTC

i’m not sure what i have to say but i’ll join. *OOC- an apple eh? nice*


07-23-2008 01:55:17 UTC

You have to say “Count me in.”  It’s all in rule 2.13 Quest.


07-23-2008 01:56:21 UTC

count me in (i’m like half asleep here lol)


07-23-2008 03:29:55 UTC

Thog want play with door.

(count me in)


07-23-2008 03:32:06 UTC

as cleric, i medicly clear thog to join me lol


07-23-2008 13:19:07 UTC

They step through the gate and are instantly transported to a lightly wooded area surrounding a large city.  The city’s architecture is made up of spires and steeples mixed in with other smaller buildings.

They turn around only to find that they are on an island, next to the beach.

“This area is probably teeming with monsters after dark,” says Darknight, half to himself and half to Thog.  They walk towards the city in hopes of finding decent shelter.

As they approach the edge of the treeline, they start to notice small creatures flitting to and fro across the ground of the city.  Hoping one of them may be able to help, they step out of the treeline.  All of the creatures immediately dart into the many buildings nearby; not a single soul is left on the streets save Darknight and Thog.

Keep walking through the streets, go back into the wooded area, or do something else?


07-23-2008 17:25:04 UTC

“Thog want play with forest puppies!”


07-23-2008 20:11:16 UTC

“Easy Thog. You don’t want then to think your gonna hurt anyone.” OOC- I say keep walking but slowly and in no means in a way that comes off as threating


07-23-2008 22:19:41 UTC

Thog not want hurt forest puppies.  Thog want play with forest puppies.

Thog like puppies!


07-23-2008 22:24:53 UTC

OOC- Its hard not to laugh but you play Thog quite well Amni.

“Theres got to be a way to show everyone that we don’t mean them any harm. Thog, see if you can find some kind of peace offering on the beach back there. I’ll hang back at the tree line for ya.”


07-23-2008 22:32:09 UTC

OOC: Life beckons.  I shall return.


07-23-2008 22:52:30 UTC

Thog play in beach!

Thog find sea shells and seaweed. Make fancy dress.


07-23-2008 22:54:39 UTC

*chuckles* Lets try getting fish to offer them


07-23-2008 23:08:48 UTC


Thog no like Fish.

Fish taste like the sea.


07-23-2008 23:21:41 UTC

It’ll be ok Thog. Just need afew.


07-23-2008 23:22:09 UTC

Thog no want catch Fish.

...Thog no swim…


07-23-2008 23:24:41 UTC

Ok ok. Any ideas then Thog?


07-23-2008 23:25:05 UTC

Thog make dress?


07-24-2008 02:38:06 UTC

As night falls, Thog and Darknight figure they had better think of something quickly.  They are starting to hear strange noises coming from the trees.


07-24-2008 06:21:52 UTC

crud. Might as well try talking to them nicely. Thog, can you behave?


07-24-2008 12:04:45 UTC

So, I un-fly through the gate, or what?


07-24-2008 15:07:04 UTC

Bean: I suppose you can follow them around, but you won’t get any rewards or penalties since you’re not in the party.

DK: Who’s them?


07-24-2008 19:06:33 UTC

unless that city was abandoned the critters we saw when we got here.


07-24-2008 23:15:07 UTC

They all ran and hid, so you’re either going to have to coax them out before talking to them or figure out something else.


07-24-2008 23:28:21 UTC

I’ll knock on a door and talk to them calmly telling them we mean no harm


07-25-2008 02:52:00 UTC

Darknight knocks on the sturdy oak door of a small one-story house with light gray stone walls and a gable roof made of stained maple planks.  After a few moments, the door opens, revealing a relatively tall male figure standing in the doorway.

There seems to be something not quite human about him, though.  It could be the high, thin, bald head or the disproportionately small yet heavy set eyes or the oddly shaped nose or his long ears or even his ghostly pale complexion or thick yet narrow torso.  Whatever it is, it gives the man somewhat of an elven ogre appearance.

“Hello, what can I do for you?” asks the man in a low, unexpressive tone.

Darknight immediately stands straight as a nail, puts his hand up to his forehead in a salutatory manner, and says, “We come in peace.”

“You must be a visitor here.  Please, come in,” the man responds, still low and unexpressive.  “And your friend can come in as well.”

“How did…” starts Darknight, but he stops himself and motions for Thog to come out from behind the treeline.

As the two walk into the house, they can’t help but notice the distinctly Roman decorum.  They walk through a couple of rooms that appear to serve as the living room, kitchen, and study.  The study is lined with bookcases filled with old, dusty books on the two walls on either side of the door in which they entered.  A mahogany desk with an open book and a small lamp sits near the far wall, facing towards the center of the room.  Another male figure sits in a chair on the other side of the desk in deep concentration.

“Sir, I have brought you some visitors,” says the man standing next to us.

The man sitting at the desk immediately stands up, startled and shuddering slightly.  The first man walks out of the room, leaving Darknight and Thog alone with the other man.

“So, you two are visitors to this city?” asks the man in a concerned and trembling voice.

Darknight responds, “Yes.  You probably won’t believe us if we tell you, but we came—”

“Through a portal gate.  Yes, I know,” interrupts the man.  “How many others are with you?”

“There are about 10-15 of us in all.  Why do you ask?”

At this point, the man begins pacing in front of the desk, ignoring Darknight’s question, muttering to himself, and trembling from head to toe.

“Stop walking!  Thog getting dizzy.” shouts Thog.

“I’m sorry, my good man.  I am just trying to remember all of the details of the prophecy.  I shudder to think that it could be unraveling right here before my eyes.”

“What prophecy?” asks Darknight.  “Is it the one about the Guardian who—”

“Yes, yes.  That is the one,” interrupts the man.

“Then what seems to be the problem?  I heard that the prophecy states that a group of adventurers will rise up to stop the Guardian from wreaking havoc on the planet.”

“Yes, that is true.  But the prophecy also says that you will not be able to stop the Guardian from destroying Atlantis.”

“Oh, that could be a problem.”

The man is obviously trying to hold back strong emotions as he continues to pace back and forth, faster and faster.  “Please leave.  Now.  Please.  I can’t…”

The two walk out of the room and are greated by the first man who escorts them out of the house, maintaining the same rock-like expressiveness.

“Now what?” asks Darknight.


07-25-2008 03:00:06 UTC

..... ummm, thog? any idea?


07-25-2008 15:36:07 UTC

Thog think we should go stop Guardian before he destroy forest puppies.


07-25-2008 16:11:34 UTC

I know Thog. OOC- Prob kick myself but is there an inn in town we can go to yoda?


07-25-2008 17:09:49 UTC

Yoda is getting pretty predictable. Though I’m not sure whats predictable about this situation. Then again, that’s not my job. I’ve passed along the message… time for Thog to figure it out!


07-25-2008 18:04:11 UTC

There are no inns in town.


07-25-2008 19:35:41 UTC

*rubs head* great. We either talk the one guy into getting us somewhere to stay or we camp on the beach. What ya think Thog?


07-25-2008 20:37:42 UTC

Thog make puppies give Thog room!

Thog bash heads until Thog get room.


07-25-2008 20:41:37 UTC

*knocks on the door and calls out* I don’t mean to interupt anything but is there anyplace we would be able to stay?


07-25-2008 20:48:44 UTC

Thog want room!

Thog need nap.  Thog get grumpy when Thog not get nap!


07-25-2008 22:01:28 UTC

After a few moments, the second man opens the door, still flushed from the last meeting.  “I’m sorry about earlier.  I don’t know what came over me.  Please, come with me.  My name is Professor Blithe.”

Darknight and Thog hesitatingly follow Mr. Blithe through the house and past the study, stopping before a door at the end of a hallway.  Mr. Blithe turns around and says, “Down these stairs is a small cavern that should be perfect for you and your group.  When you get down there, there should be a tunnel from the cavern to the beach.  You can use that tunnel to gather supplies and bring them back.  Please be careful on your quest.  We are all counting on you.”

He opens the door and Darknight and Thog walk down the long spiral staircase.  Darknight opens the door at the end and the two walk through into a rather large underground room that looks more like a living room than a cavern.  It has a 10-foot high vaulted ceiling, walls, and a floor cut into a mixture of dirt and stone.  On the opposite side is a massive boulder apparently blocking the tunnel.

“It’s a good thing Thog can move that thing, right Thog?” says Darknight.

“Thog strong.  Thog move boulder,” replies Thog as he goes over and moves the boulder, revealing a tunnel.

Thog and Darknight walk through the tunnel to find that it comes out on the beach right next to the portal.

“How convenient,” says Darknight.  “Let’s go get the others.”

The two walk back through the portal.

Congratulations.  You have succeeded.

P.S. Ignore the clue.  You ended up not needing it anyways.


07-25-2008 22:02:20 UTC

Oh, and the apple came from the trees, just so you don’t wonder.


07-25-2008 22:13:47 UTC

out of curiousity, was it the threat of violence that did it? :P


07-25-2008 22:13:52 UTC

The rewards have been disbursed and the Quest Journal updated.


07-25-2008 22:17:21 UTC

No, it was Darknight’s knock and a call.

On another note, now that NPCs are in the ruleset and combat is about to be, the adventures should start getting a little more interesting… hopefully. ;)


07-25-2008 22:21:21 UTC

Thog Smash!


07-26-2008 02:29:24 UTC

well that tested my roleplaying pretty good lol