Monday, November 21, 2022

Proposal: Ill-Timed Bad Times

Fewer than a quorum not voting against. Failed 1 vote to 6 by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 Nov 2022 09:16:35 UTC

Repeal the rule “Well-timed Good Times”.

If any Visitor has any T Stamps, add to the end of the final paragraph of “Stamps”:-

(T Stamps always have a Personal Value of zero.)

T-Stamps are probably creating too much incentive to make all Visitor moves at the last possible moment before the Proprietor switches the Traffic Light, in case the queues happen to be empty enough to allow an easy points grab (maybe even +50).


JonathanDark: he/him

21-11-2022 14:59:53 UTC


First the robot stamp and now the T stamp. Are you afraid of high-value points, Kevan?

We do have almost 2 weeks between now and Dec 4. I feel like there’s plenty of time for people to get the stamps that they want, and to affect the value of other stamps to their benefit.

Kevan: he/him

21-11-2022 15:06:53 UTC

I don’t think such a high-value stamp should be attached to an action whose difficulty depends mostly on which timezone a player is in.

Benbot: he/him

21-11-2022 15:14:28 UTC

Can I even vote? I’m imperial leaning for on this, for offical vote taking purposes, I’m imperial but I’m not sure I can vote.

JonathanDark: he/him

21-11-2022 16:32:44 UTC

Benbot, you probably need to be officially un-idled first. You’ve got time to wait for that.

JonathanDark: he/him

21-11-2022 16:42:58 UTC

I think the timezone argument is somewhat of a red herring. Every stamp is affected by who gets in line first to some degree or another. The only reason the T stamp is high-value at the moment is because no one has taken advantage of getting it yet. Once folks do, it won’t be so high-value.

How about a compromise? Rather than repeal the whole T stamp, make a proposal to improve it. Lower the requirement for the stamp to just 2 of the Group’s Visitors, which opens it up to more of the attractions. There won’t be such a rush to beat the clock for Advancing the Queues. Also, the stamp will naturally decrease in value as a result of being easier to get.

Josh: he/they

21-11-2022 16:59:44 UTC

@JonathanDark Benbot is okay to come back now, actually; the 96 hour cooldown is for idle-by-requests, not idle-by-timeouts.

Josh: he/they

21-11-2022 17:00:48 UTC

That said I do agree with you about this proposal.  against


21-11-2022 17:48:59 UTC

Four does seem to be the wrong number, given that the default admit value seems to be three.


21-11-2022 17:53:23 UTC

However, this proposal has a shoot-the-leader component to it, so against .

Kevan: he/him

21-11-2022 18:19:46 UTC

[Bucky] In what sense? That you think I’m targetting it at specific players for wider gameplay reasons? Or do you think that once a bias has been noticed in the ruleset, the players that it advantages deserve to be protected from the bias being flattened?


21-11-2022 18:24:20 UTC

“If any Visitor has any T Stamps…”

Kevan: he/him

21-11-2022 18:30:48 UTC

Nobody has any. It was to discourage everyone (myself included) from grabbing a confirmed 50-pointer rare Stamp before it became impossible to get any more.

Raven1207: he/they

21-11-2022 23:16:13 UTC



22-11-2022 02:05:14 UTC

The “Shoot the Leader” case won’t happen, but I’ve already proposed an alternative.

Trapdoorspyder: he/him

22-11-2022 04:27:01 UTC