Friday, October 21, 2011

Illegal proposals

All proposals are currently illegal. However, there is currently a pending CfJ that would retroactively make several of them legal. In light of this, all the illegal proposals affected by it are currently open. This is actually Bucky’s doing, but I agree with it. Should the CfJ fail, all illegal proposals will be marked illegal and closed. No harm done. Should the CfJ pass, leaving them open in the interim will mean that we will not have lost valuable voting and discussion time that will retroactively have been legal.

That said, I feel it would be a good idea to refrain from making further proposals until the matter is settled, as it will only further complicate the gamestate.

Does anyone disagree with this reasoning?



10-21-2011 09:23:18 UTC

How about also changing the blog code to not automatically lock posts when they’re resolved?


10-21-2011 13:54:43 UTC

Having posts lock was a conscious decision made in the past. I was idle at the time, but I believe the purpose was to help prevent spam. Feel free to start a discussion about changing that.