Monday, September 10, 2018

I’m Going Ape

Greetings, everyone! I have wandered far on a solitary search to find other primates like me. Seeing your fine community and the beautiful natural features of your home (that pond is spectacular), it is my hope to be welcomed into the tribe. Thus, I hereby state my wish and intention to become a fellow Ape.

Hey, all! I’m Zaphod, and I’m excited to join the game. I appreciate both the playfulness and sophistication of the dynasties I’ve looked at so far, and I look forward to joining in.


Kevan: HE/HIM

09-10-2018 19:04:46 UTC

Welcome aboard, I’ll email you your GNDT password momentarily.

You’re now an Ape with three Lifetime Actions to take, and you’re free to cast votes and make proposals. The current dynasty has been in a slump with its Emperor (“The Monolith”) disappearing off the radar and forcing us to make the Generation Events an action that any Ape can take, and we’re nearly up and running again.

The New Player Guide is also worth a read if you’ve not already seen it.

Enjoy BlogNomic.