Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I’m Hungry

I’d like some feedback before I actually propose this as I don’t want to lose more gold. I know the proposals are already kinda a monster system, but it seems to be there should be some way to earn stats and XP as well.

If the proposal titled “Attributions where they are due” does not pass, this proposal does nothing.

Create a new rule called “Bruises” and give it the following text

There exists a column in the GNDT titled “Beaten Up” which can be either yes or no. All adventurer’s start with “Beaten Up” as no. If an adventurer’s beaten up status is “yes” e is said to be “beaten up”. If an adventurer has been beaten up for at least 24 hours, e may change eir beaten up status to “no”.

Create a new rule, call it “Trouble Seekers” and give it the following text

If e has not gone looking for trouble or been beaten up within the last 48 hours, an adventurer may choose to go “Looking for trouble”. To do this, e makes a comment in the GNDT of “Looking for trouble level N” and rolls a 2DICEN if it is daytime and a 3DICEN if it is nighttime. The resulting roll is the level of the monster e has discovered. If at least half of the adventurer’s attributes are greater than the level of the monster, the monster is defeated. The adventurer gains X XP where X is the level of the monster and 2DICEX gold. If more than half of the adventurer’s attributes are less than the level of the monster, e loses X/2 XP and becomes beaten up.



07-16-2008 00:51:58 UTC

This encourages min-maxing in stats.  Level up half your stats, forget about the rest.

I do like the looking for trouble idea (huzzah munchkin) perhaps instead when looking for trouble one should encounter a specific type of encounter as determined by a table?


1-2 Trasure, the adventurer gains 2DX Gold pieces.
3-5 Trap, if the adventurers Int is less than X the adventurer becomes beaten up, if their int is greater than X increase their XP by X and their gold by 1/2 X.
6-8 Wandering Monster etc.

along those lines, a chance to come up each encounter there-by making it possible for the guy with 2 20’s doing a challenge of 10 during the daytime could still fail.


07-16-2008 02:23:02 UTC

I agree with Amnistar, but I like the idea of food (the title)...


07-16-2008 02:26:09 UTC

Also, I would rather do this with skills (once we get skills, of course) than with attributes.


07-16-2008 02:39:49 UTC

Well part of the point is there are some challenges you know you can pass, but you won’t get the same kind of reward from it, while if you risk it you’ll get a better reward but you might not pass.

Maybe we could randomly choose what stats get used—but that just encourages complete well roundness which is bad as well.


07-16-2008 02:56:11 UTC

Perhaps then rewards are based on ‘how well’ you suceed at something?