Monday, April 05, 2010

Proposal: I’m hungry

Times out 1-10 -Darth

Adminned at 07 Apr 2010 16:14:27 UTC

Add a subrule entitled “Eating” to Rule 2.3 entitled “Energy”:

At 0:00 on each Monday, n Food is removed from the Colony Stockpile where n is equal to the number of Colonists, if there is at least n Food in the Stockpile then. If not, the Energy of all Colonists is set to 10 and no Colonists may rest that week.

You have food to eat it, haven‘t you?



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05-04-2010 23:43:19 UTC

against We get stuck unable to do anything if we ever run out of food, which makes the game un-fun.

Darknight: he/him

06-04-2010 02:36:44 UTC



06-04-2010 05:40:08 UTC

Per Tiberias against didn’t notice that when you posted on IRC

Josh: he/they

06-04-2010 06:20:03 UTC

Approve of the sentiment but this is too un-fun.  against

Kevan: City he/him

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06-04-2010 15:51:44 UTC

Hm, you‘re right. It would be funless if all our Energy is limited to 10 for one week. I may s/k this later.

Well, there is “Food” and the most common thing you do with food is eating it. Eating is necessary, if I remember correctly, you die after eating nothing for three weeks.

So a “If you can‘t eat enough, you have less Energy” mechanism is straight forward.

But as this could lead to a funless week, there may be other mechanisms: How do you think about a “A Colonist may, as a Daily Action, eat while removing three Food from the Colony Stockpile. If a Colonist has not perform the “eat” action that day, he is not allowed to perform any other action (except hunting) that day.”

So we could never get stuck for more than one day, but eating (and therefore food) becomes important. But I assume there would be problems with the “Daily Action”... Any ideas for a weekly based mechanism?


06-04-2010 15:53:16 UTC

Well, another idea: Resting could base on Food, too. That sounds like a good way for me, but we could get stuck, if we don‘t have any Food and noone has Energy…


06-04-2010 17:16:29 UTC

If the death proposal passes, I might do something like giving you energy for eating, and each colonist that doesn’t eat has a 25-30% chance of death each week.  We’d obviously need to rate-limit eating so that one person doesn’t eat all of the food and leave everyone else to die.


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07-04-2010 12:29:53 UTC

S/K for the queue…


07-04-2010 13:11:31 UTC

That’s not a S/K….

Oracular rufio:

07-04-2010 16:40:30 UTC

against I like death as a penalty for not eating, though.


07-04-2010 22:57:32 UTC

Hix: Ah, damnit. Well, now it‘s timed out anyway…