Friday, June 15, 2018

I’m running out of time.

I don’t have much time left to play this dynasty of psuedomafia, work’s been picking up, so I’m just going to out everything now.

You’ve all had the “Abandon Ship” goal from the start.

Each Sailor has one or more secret Goals

So, we’ve had goals all along. From the start. We have ONE or MORE. Not zero or more. One or more.

Via the defaulting rules in “Clarifications § Numbers and Variables.”, we’ve all got one Goal (earliest to zero), with that goal being “Abandon Ship” (alphabetically earliest). Since the start of the dynasty.


At 15-5-18 07:39:07 , I exchanged my “Abandon Ship” goal for “Religious” via a private message to Kevan, because it was Novel. I even got confirmation later on that I managed to do the swap (Which is why I made that “Reminder” proposal later on to confirm that I managed to pull it off and not fuck up).

I assume that I’m the only person to have done this swap.

Which would mean that I would’ve won, because you’d all have 0 Reckoning and I’d have 1.

But Kevan’s latest CFJ here changes everything. (I even made a copypasta days ago with my supposed endgame win thing: link)

Kevan’s CFJ would basically make that the people who have fucked up their Goal settings are now in the best position to win, because it would turn the bogus private messages sent into real Goal settings, which changes everything. It can be argued that Kevan’s “personal list” isn’t the actual gamestate, or that the CFJ just alters the submission, not the Goals themselves, but I don’t have the material time to enter that sort of quarreling/lawyering. Are more late CFJs going to appear during my CFJ, now that late CFJs are a thing? Am I going to be able to find a loophole which dismantles Kevan’s latest CFJ? I just don’t have the time to sit around, see what happens, and reply to people.

Do with this information what you wish. I unfortunately have to leave.

Please idle me.



16-06-2018 06:05:53 UTC

lol I have to pay more attention to the ruleset.