Saturday, March 21, 2009

In response to a PM from Wak

I can’t recieve PMs? What?

Whenever I try to send Wak a PM, it gives me the message:

There were members listed in your Recipients or CC fields that are unable to receive Private Messages. They have been removed by the system and you may try sending again.



03-21-2009 19:05:40 UTC

Huh… Try again on about 2 minutes.


03-21-2009 19:11:05 UTC

Yeah, my account should be accepting PMs. It is set to do so. Can someone else try sending one?


03-21-2009 21:19:28 UTC

Still getting the message.


03-21-2009 21:22:49 UTC

Hmm… Probably my fault in some way, even though I hadn’t messed with anything. Just send any PMs you may have to Qwaz until it is fixed, I guess.


03-21-2009 21:30:16 UTC

Figured it out. My inbox was full. I am dumb.