Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Proposal: Incentivising Gameplay

Quorum of AGAINST votes, failed 1 vote to 6 by Kevan.

Adminned at 12 Jul 2017 15:10:01 UTC

If a rule titled “Mana” does not exist in the ruleset, this proposal does nothing instead.

Add to “Mana”

*[1] Make a legal proposal.
*[1] Your proposal passes.
*[-1] Your proposal fails.



07-11-2017 21:51:31 UTC

This really seems to get slower ruleset development.


07-11-2017 21:58:34 UTC

In what way?


07-11-2017 22:01:18 UTC

Accepting a proposal would get a net 2 gain for the proposer as compared to not accepting.


07-11-2017 22:03:59 UTC

So you think the signs should be reversed to
*[-1] Your proposal passes.
“*[1] Your proposal fails.”?

I’m unsure of that because then it makes self-killed proposals more likely.


07-11-2017 22:16:42 UTC

No, I just don’t think this is a good idea overall unless multi-sent posts are a thing. (Which I’m thinking about. I’m also thinking about a two-party system, Mana-tees versus Mana-gers [I’m working on the names], being a mana element).


07-11-2017 22:23:27 UTC

I understand the intent, but I agree with the cobra effect there.

From the point of view of a voter, the payoff is (in the case of proposing totally symmetrical rules, which initially everything generally is, as well as assuming that more mana is supposed to be “good”):
Vote FOR: Become comparatively lower than the average.
Vote AGAINST: Same status quo


07-12-2017 07:46:17 UTC

I’m going to try to set up promises related automation later so that I have a formal pattern of voting (making a vote to reach an enactment/fail condition instead of choosing myself), because I don’t like to vote myself and have my personal opinion influence the game too much.

But against, because personal opinion.


07-12-2017 07:58:46 UTC

*personal opinion when it comes to decision-making and such. Aside from that I will definitely propose like a madman like I usually do lol.


07-12-2017 08:24:08 UTC

The usual problem with rewards for making proposals is that it encourages blandly uncontroversial ones, and that players start tactically voting down good proposals to deny the proposer points.

Also this doesn’t really fit with the rule’s wording of getting Mana by “doing Favors to otherworldly patrons”. And it looks like it can make it illegal to fail a proposal if its proposer is at zero Mana.


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