Friday, January 22, 2010

Incident: The Lights Go Out

A metallic burning smell fills the air, and a stained-glass tablelamp flares up and flashes bright sparks. Across the house, the lights go out, and a phonograph slows and slurs into silence.



22-01-2010 18:54:24 UTC

*Tecslicer Wakes up and answers the phonograph in the study*

“Hello? Hello? Drat missed the clue again!”


22-01-2010 19:20:32 UTC

-_-’ phonograph is like a gramophone is a device for playing record music…

Roujo: he/him

22-01-2010 19:41:08 UTC

I think tecslicer was making a joke. =P



22-01-2010 23:39:35 UTC

It was dark.. I grabbed a big horn shaped thing…looked like my home phone in the dim light. No one answered so I went back to sleep.