Monday, December 14, 2020

Incremental Proposal Wishlist

This dynasty still has some necessary work to hammer all the existing mechanics into a playable shape. Josh and I have been routinely hitting the 2-pending-proposal limit, with a lot of Josh’s proposals being dynastic vision proposals and about half of mine being simple bug-fixes.

Meanwhile, half of our players, mostly the newer ones, aren’t proposing at all and don’t seem to be all that engaged with the dynasty. Perhaps they’re waiting for the rules to become more playable. On the other hand, writing proposals is the best way to get engaged in the dynasty, and helps it reach a playable state sooner. It only costs an idea and a proposal slot, and these players have plenty of slots!

Accordingly, here’s a wishlist of changes that I’d like to see proposed in the near future but don’t yet have the slots for:
* Clarification of when the Power expenditure happens when scheduling an attack.  (update: proposed by Josh)
* Reconciling the clause in Time and Schedules of “A staged Timed Action is effectively an atomic action, where each step takes place at its own scheduled time” with the constraints in Atomic Actions, for example the “may not take any other dynastic action, or achieve victory, until all the steps are complete” clause, preferably by rewriting staged Timed Actions to not be Atomic. (proposed by me)
* A rewrite to the formulas and procedures in “Power Cores” to enable tradeoffs of Power for other features in new Shell designs, and perhaps to address the incongruity of R&D-tasked Pilots being completely irrelevant for R&D proposals.
* A clause making the currently nonfunctional “scratch count” track the number of destroyed DEVAs of each type.
* A DEVA subspecies with minimum Defense of 1, making the low end of the Attack range meaningful.
* One or more exemplar Mods with Special Effects.  (proposed by me)
* A mechanism for rare, high Attack Vector shots (which may be combined with e.g. the exemplar Mods)
* A mechanism for identifying Bogeys’ subspecies and other characteristics (which may be combined with e.g. the exemplar Mods) (proposed by me)

Haven’t made a proposal in at least a week? See something on the list that you can easily do? Then write that proposal!


Raven1207: he/him

14-12-2020 16:31:22 UTC

I think the reason why it’s 2 proposal limit is because it makes it easier to not have a 100 something proposals pending at the same time(which would be overwhelming). It also makes it easier for new players to jump right in.

Josh: he/they

14-12-2020 17:00:12 UTC

Yes, Raven, that’s why Bucky is posting this list of proposal ideas that can be outsourced to other players to diversify the load and give other players a stake in the development of the ruleset.


14-12-2020 19:11:32 UTC

I think I tried one of these - though I do get why it failed.

robotabc773: he/him

15-12-2020 05:19:07 UTC

I should have some time tomorrow to work on some of these, at the very least I might as well work on some of the bug fix/QoL stuff