Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Proposal: Infected armies

Reaches quorum and passes, 5-0. Adminned by Rodney.

Adminned at 26 Feb 2014 17:01:03 UTC

Add the following to the rule titled “The Alien”:

If an Infected Survivor walks to a different Location on the MaroonedMap, he should roll a DICE6 for every non-Infected Survivor in the new Location. If the result is 1, that Survivor becomes Infected.

If a non-Infected Survivor walks to a different Location on the MaroonedMap and there is an Infected Survivor in the new Location, he should roll a DICE8. If the result is 1, he becomes Infected.

My first proposal! I’m just gonna plunge in and see if I understand how the game works :)

It seems to me that once you become Infected the only chance you have to achieve victory is by disabling all the other Survivors and becoming Evil. A huge disadvantage about being infected is that a single decrease in vitality will make you permanently disabled.

These rules should help an Infected Survivor in disabling other Survivors, while discouraging non-Infected Survivors from coming near an Infected Survivor. (Thus making it more ‘dangerous’ for a Non-Infected Survivor to attempt to stab an Infected Survivor)



25-02-2014 07:51:17 UTC

for Although “he should roll” should be changed to “they must/shall roll” by future proposal, otherwise Survivors can just choose not to perform the action.

Also, we might want to forbid the Infected from walking to Location 0.


25-02-2014 12:46:53 UTC

I was also thinking about creating some sort of defense mechanism for location 0, on the other hand a run on spore masks once the first person becomes infected sounds interesting as well :)


25-02-2014 13:30:22 UTC

I found a flaw in my reasoning, it seems that if you are Infected and become Disabled, you are no longer Infected and thus can ‘recover’ from being Infected by being healed by someone once you are Disabled. I still think this addition to the Alien rule might be interesting though :)

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