Saturday, December 20, 2008

Initiating a GNOmic election

The Supreme Being and Demiurge shall be elected by the population of the GNO dynasty in elections to be initiated by any Gno Citizen after this proposal passes. Only Gno citizens may vote in this election.

I vote for Bucky as Supreme Being and Darth Cliche as Demiurge.



20-12-2008 17:48:24 UTC

for  But you might want to change your vote for Demiurge. On Monday, I’m heading to BLO.


20-12-2008 17:53:49 UTC

Anyway, I vote for you as Supreme Being and Cayvie as Demiurge.


20-12-2008 18:54:48 UTC

Agreed.  I’m switching my vote for Demiurge to Cayvie.  Since we have a majority in both cases, I’m declaring the election closed and resolved.


21-12-2008 22:57:29 UTC

well then

go me.