Saturday, July 01, 2017

Story Post: Inspecting Sphinx

I inspect Sphinx.



07-01-2017 12:34:04 UTC

Well, either you want to become Untrustworthy, or you or someone else has given their Artefact to Sphinx (I don’t know why you would want to do that).

Except just for the fun of creating an impossible situation, because Sphinx will now have to declare one of their (randomly chosen) backgrounds, even though they default to having no backgrounds.


07-01-2017 21:02:37 UTC

I become untrustworthy.

Since the rules say, “Each Explorer (which isn’t the Expedition Leader) has none or two Backgrounds”, I don’t even default to no Backgrounds. I don’t even have no backgrounds out of which I could choose, so I’m declaring nothing?


07-02-2017 17:58:38 UTC

Each Explorer (which isn’t the Expedition Leader) has none or two Backgrounds, which is privately tracked by the Expedition Leader, and Explorers default to having no Backgrounds.

Per the second sentence, you default to having no Backgrounds, which is very logical since you don’t have Backgrounds.