Friday, July 25, 2008

Proposal: Instant Class-ic

Passes 6-0 by Timing Out

Adminned at 27 Jul 2008 09:06:40 UTC

Add the following to the end of the rule “Classes”

Each class has bonus intrinsic points in various skills.  These bonus points are not counted when totaling the cost for upgrading a skill, but apply in all other circumstances. The bonus points each class gets are as follows:

Wizard - Magic 2 points and Reveling 1 point
Fighter - Combat 2 points and Bravery 1 point
Rogue - Thievery 2 points and Bravery 1 point
Monk - Religion 2 points and Combat 1 point
Sorcerer - Magic 2 points and Thievery 1 point
Cleric - Religion 2 points and Magic 1 point
Barbarian - Combat 2 points and Thievery 1 point
Bard - Reveling 2 points and Bravery 1 point
Paladin - Bravery 2 points and Religion 1 point
Ranger - Reveling 2 points and Thievery 1 point
Peasant - none

Give one gold from Clucky to Darknight

Yeah he stole my proposal idea, but I’m a nice guy. Also I changed the numbers so that every stat gives 5 bonus points added, either two classes with a skill as the main and one class with it as a minor, or one class with main and three with minor. Previously it was heavily slanted towards combat.



07-25-2008 15:12:40 UTC

for  for  for Great job!  You definitely put a lot of work into this.


07-25-2008 16:04:33 UTC



07-25-2008 16:14:13 UTC

for no hard feelings clucky?


07-25-2008 17:36:23 UTC

I would’ve have given you a gold piece if I had any hard feelings =P

next proposal is going to be one that fines Amnistar for voting FOR his rivals proposals. Just abstain!


07-25-2008 18:00:15 UTC

Wow, one [imaginative word]ing gold piece.

Well, once someone reproposes my money proposal, you can be as generous as you want.


07-25-2008 23:13:50 UTC



07-26-2008 02:41:02 UTC