Thursday, February 24, 2022

Intent to Join - MadisonSilver

Hello!  I’ve been following along reading BlogNomic for a little while, and now seems like as good a time to join as any.  I look forward to playing with all of you (and I hope I’m doing this right!)


Snisbo: she/they

24-02-2022 01:25:30 UTC

Hi, hi! Things are a bit of a mess at the moment, with a dynasty (maybe) ending, but an admin should be along to grant you playership soon(ish)!

Clucky: he/him

24-02-2022 02:43:30 UTC


Quorum stays at 6 because of one person joining and one person going idle.

Josh: he/they

24-02-2022 17:58:13 UTC

Hey, welcome to the game!

To begin with, you may want to review the New Player Guide if you haven’t already, and pop into the Discord to say hi. I’ll get you fixed up with a mentor but in the meantime, please do feel free to ask if you have any questions.