Friday, October 02, 2009

Proposal: Interesting Infection, proposal edition

Times out 3-2 -Darth

Adminned at 04 Oct 2009 16:41:17 UTC

In the subrule “The Infected”, replace

As a weekly action, an Infected Survivor may change the status of a Fallen Survivor to Infected.


As a daily action, an Infected Survivor (the Unclean) who has not taken damage in the previous 72 hours, and with at least 10 Stamina, may attempt to change the status of a Fallen Survivor (the Weak) to Infected by making two Fitness Tests; the attempt succeeds if both pass. Doing so causes the Unclean to gain 5 Fitness and lose 5 Contribution, and the Weak to lose 5 Stamina.

I keep doing that…



10-02-2009 19:28:26 UTC



10-02-2009 21:14:01 UTC

against Why make Fitness tests, this is clearly an Aggression test type thing.


10-02-2009 21:17:56 UTC

And this makes it really really hard to Infect anyone.


10-02-2009 21:20:04 UTC

against Even more, considering its really hard already to make a survivor become fallen.


10-02-2009 21:39:01 UTC

@arth: rather hard to un-Fallen them afterwards, though. We should have a chance to do something in between.
@Qwaz: because Aggression’s used to make them Fall in the first place. You /have/ been attacking, right?


10-02-2009 21:40:50 UTC

Yeah, the *one* time i’m allowed to each week (when the rule isn’t repealed, that is). In reality, we should be able to infect any Fallen Survivor automatically (they aren’t going to be too effective at fighting back).


10-02-2009 22:00:39 UTC

That would make all the rules dealing with Fallen survivors completely moot. Note also, that this gives you actual reasons to infect (fallen is better than infected from an infected’s point of view, I don’t know why you’ve been infecting people), increases the rate at which you can infect in a way people might actually vote FOR, and makes your statistics actually matter. In other words, it adds thought to the game; atm, playing an infected is just a case of infecting everyone in sight and not doing much else. Soon there are likely to be lots of Infected, as people start being hurt more rapidly, in which case the game for people who are Infected should at least be somewhat interesting, to prevent the nomic dying to apathy.


10-02-2009 22:32:26 UTC

I’m sorry if I minsunderstand your point ais, but you are arguing that WE the ZOMBIES have a STRAIGHTFORWARD ATTTACK PATTERN?

Oh my gosh! I never realized undead infestations actually progressed SLOWER as time went by! Seriously, it is UNFAIR for ZOMBIES to rely on their NUMBERS just to win, right?

Whew, thanks there for correcting our unthematic proceedings!


10-03-2009 00:38:00 UTC

Infected is better for us than Fallen; the more Infected there are, the faster we can Infect! : )


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10-03-2009 08:37:37 UTC

Hate to say it, but arth has a point about zombies. They’re pretty 1-dimentional.


10-04-2009 23:40:03 UTC

@Wak: No, zombies are actually 27-dimensional. That’s how they always manage to break open the doors - they go around them in the 14th dimension, then throw a 9-dimensional rock at them.

(I have been reading Michio Kaku’s Hyperspace recently.)