Monday, February 25, 2013

Proposal: Interim Period

Times Out and Fails 1-3-1. -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 27 Feb 2013 14:50:57 UTC

Amend rule 1.7 by adding before the final paragraph the following:

During the period between an enacted DoV and the Ascension Address, then players may submit Proposals, notwithstanding the Hiatus, whose proposed effects are limited to amending the Core Rules and/or the Glossary, or appointing Admins. No Proposal may be resolved during the first 12 hours after an Ascension Address, unless it has been Self-Killed or Vetoed.

Additionally, replace “all other active DoVs” with “all other Pending DoVs” in the same rule.

There is often a waiting period between dynasties where nothing gets done as the new Speaker sorts out the new Dynasty. It seems like a good time to propose core rule changes, but we get the difficulty that they can’t be proposed. If submitted early in the Hiatus, they will hopefully not stall the incoming dynasty. The 12-hour resolution rule ensures that players can still safely leave after the DoV is enacted and not pay attention again until the AA is posted, and it won’t slow the dynasty down since the initial proposal can’t be resolved for 12 hours anyway.



02-25-2013 14:23:32 UTC

This will have no effect in this dynasty due to rule 2.1.


02-25-2013 15:42:06 UTC

Which, it appears, won’t matter.

I personally find occasional down time, especially after the drama of a DoV, beneficial, and don’t see why core rules proposals should be more common or more usefully placed outside of the dynastic queue.  against


02-25-2013 17:40:12 UTC



02-25-2013 20:04:12 UTC



02-25-2013 20:40:19 UTC

against It’s not normally that long and while I haven’t been on blognomic for that long this doesn’t seem to be needed. It’s not as though core rule changes are commonly bogging down a dynasty.